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11 Reasons Why Queer Women Should Care About Feminism

11 Reasons Why Lesbians and Bisexual Women Should Care About Feminism

11 Reasons Why Lesbians and Bisexual Women Should Care About Feminism

Lower pay, rape culture, objectification, fat-shaming, butch-shaming, dyke-shaming, bi-shaming... Need we go on?

"I'm not a feminist, but..." STOP RIGHT THERE. Do you actually know what a feminist is? You're aware that the uniform of hairy armpits and dungarees isn't compulsory (although totes cool if you want to go ahead with it - Osh Kosh forever!)? That you don't have to hate men? You just have to want everyone to be treated equally, regardless of gender. That's right. Equally. Don't let the "fem" bit beguile you. Or, as Merriam-Webster would have it...


noun: fem·i·nism \ˈfe-mə-ˌni-zəm\: the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities : organized activity in support of women's rights and interests 

Here are 11 reasons why we all need to care! 

1. Guys can be douches to lesbians.

"You just need to meet a real man"... "How do you know if you've never slept with a man?" etc etc. Oh just fuck off. The patriarchy just cannot deal with the fact that some women don't need penis to feel complete. Or that, you know, we can still have male friends and NOT HATE MEN despite being lesbians. And start families. And be totally fine without penis. Did I mention some of us can survive without penis?


2. Guys can also be douches if you're a bi chick.

No, I do not want a threesome. No, I am not up for an orgy. No, I don't want to stick that there. I just want a normal, monogamous relationship. I want to watch Netflix with you and argue about whether or not the cat is eating too much. Please. And if I do happen to want a threesome or an orgy, it's not because bi girls are "easy" or "slutty". It's because I'm a badass feminist who knows what she wants to do with her body and isn't afraid to say it.



3. On average, a woman get 80 cents for every dollar a man earns.

Yep, that's right. Mike over in cubicle five might well be pretty useless, but chances are he's pulling in more cash than you are. If that doesn't disgust you, you should probably check your pulse.


4. The USA has the highest rape stats in the WORLD.

According to the National Violence Against Women survey, one in every six American women has gone through the devastating experience of rape or attempted rape. That also adds up to one woman raped every six seconds. I felt a little bit of sick in the back of my throat just writing that. And if you're a woman who only sleeps with women, the disgusting reality is that some men will see that as a "challenge". We still live in a culture where women are described as "asking for it" if they drink too much or wear a short skirt.



5. Douchebag guys laugh at butch chicks - especially if they're with other chicks.

We all know this to be true. The number of times beered-up idiots leered at my hot butch ex right in front of me and asked "Are you a guy or a girl?" - urgh. Women are still expected to be fucking Barbie dolls and it's NOT ON. Unless you want to be a Barbie doll. Then I am 100% behind you. Just do what you WANT.


6. Douchebag guys catcall femme chicks. And butch chicks. And pretty much any chicks.

I did a survey of my friends. It was pretty simple. It had one question: "Did you meet your current/any past partners after they leaned out of a window and yelled 'Smile, sugar-tits, it might never happen!'" Some of them asked me if I was feeling alright. All of them said "No!" to the question. Amazing. Bonus points to guys who hassle you on foot, late at night and won't get out of your face. That's really relaxing for a lone woman to deal with.



7. Fat-shaming is a big business.

My Facebook bombarded me with diet ads for months and months. Diet ads, dating sites promising roses and romance and discount diapers. I switched my gender to male and I got yummy-looking chocolate protein shakes, hook-up sites promising easy - skinny - women who'd just fuck you and leave, and not a diaper in sight. This is insulting to both genders. I am a little overweight, but Facebook probably doesn't know that. Its assumption is simple - every woman wants to lose weight. No, I refuse. Pass the pizza. I tried starving myself before and my periods stopped for a year. There's no way that's healthy. But I still did it, because societal pressure.


8. There are 20 women on the American Senate and 80 men.

I. Just. Cannot. Even.


9. Abortion is still stigmatized and even prevented in some cases.

It takes two to make a baby, right? And sometimes things go wrong and you make one when it's just not the right time. Condoms break, guys rape you (yes, that one again), you forget the pill, or you just get caught up in the moment. Then suddenly all eyes are on you, the baby murderer. Forget the fact that it was SOMEONE'S SPERM that got you in this situation, or that it's just a small bundle of cells right now. You're evil, and Fred Phelps is going to see you in hell.



10. "Men's Rights Activists" want to kill us.

This one's fun. It seems that, not content with women already being totally screwed over by men, a small contingent of insecure assholes decided to create the "Men's Rights" movement and complain about the slivers of privilege we've fought hard to enjoy. This week, I spotted some lovely little diatribes from prominent "MRA" Peter Nolan, who took to Twitter to announce that "Killing women is the only path to justice now." Oh baby, I'd like to see you try. Loser.


11. Domestic violence.

Over 22% of US women have experienced domestic violence in their lifetimes. Obviously some of that is female-on-female or female-on-male, but the vast majority of it is male perpetrated. That doesn't have to mean a partner, remember - it can be a family member.


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