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Ed Sheeran Explains Why He Keeps Giving Out Giant Penis Statues

Ed Sheeran
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Does he really need a reason, though?


Ed Sheeran is finally opening up about why he keeps buying penis statues for famous musicians.

The “Shape of You” singer made headlines over his dick habit after Sam Smith recently revealed that Sheeran gifted them a 6-foot-2 marble phallic statue.

“It’s two tons, and I’m gonna have to get it craned into my house,” they told Kelly Clarkson during an appearance on her show.

Naturally, finding out about this penis present exchange between friends prompted more questions, particularly when Smith alluded to it being something Sheeran does with a certain amount of regularity.

Fortunately, Sheeran stopped by The Late Show With Stephen Colbert to clear things up — and he’s shifting the blame to none other than Elton John.

John has reportedly made a habit himself of buying Sheeran “odd gifts, like sexual sort of objects” over the course of his career thus far.

Wanting to return the favor, he commissioned a giant marble penis statue for John for his birthday last year.

“I got this huge, floppy droopy thing,” he explained. “I gave it to him for his birthday and Elton was over the moon about it. And then it got out into the press that I had done it, because Elton’s talking about it, I was talking about it, and then I would be doing interviews, and people would be like, well, can I have one?”

So Sheeran complied, getting them made for various requesters — and eventually, that included Smith.

“Sam saw one of [the penises] and said, ‘Can I have one?’ And I said, ‘What would you like?’” he recalled. “And Sam said, ‘One the size of me. One that’s 6-foot-2.’ There we go. That’s it.”

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