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Polo Morín Shut Down This Actor-Turned Conservative's Homophobia

Polo Morín Shut Down This Actor-Turned Conservative's Homophobia

Polo Morin

Get her Jade!


Out Mexican soap opera star Polo Morín has no time for conservatives spewing hate against the LGBTQ+ community.

Morín, who starred in Netflix series Who Killed Sara?, High Heat, and is gearing up for Red, White & Royal Blue, called out ex-actor Eduardo Verástegui on Twitter after he equated homosexuality and pedophilia.

“Without a doubt, homosexuality is linked to pedophilia,” he tweeted in Spanish.

Morín quickly jumped in to shut him down. “If that was YOUR case when you 'were' homosexual, it only remains in that: YOUR CRIMINAL PERSONAL experience. It does not make it a generality,” his tweet translates to. “Hopefully one day you will find the peace that you say you have found so you no longer have to keep trying to 'condemn' others."


According to Queerty, Verástegui starred in Jennifer Lopez‘s “Ain’t That Funny” video and opposite Sofia Vergara in Chasing Papi in the early 2000s, though he's relinquished that platform to be a conservative talking head. Morin is referring to his "heyday" in that tweet, when Verástegui was romantically linked to Ricky Martin by Spanish tabloids though he vehemently denied the accusations at the time.

Verástegui doubled down. “It seems that a lot of people are uncomfortable with the FACTS. More and more boys are abused and sexually trafficked in Mexico and in the world. And now it turns out that those who rape them are not gay and, moreover, pedophiles.”

Morín clapped back again. “PEDOPHILIA is a psychiatric DISORDER, sexual orientation is NOT. REAL FACTS: The Catholic Church is the institution with the highest number of sexual abuse of BOYS AND GIRLS… So, by your own logic, YOU are linked to pedophilia, right? COHERENCE.”

Tell him!

After someone else asked Verástegui if he thought all homosexuals were pedophiles, he finally backed down a bit, typing, "Only those who have sex with underage men."

We're glad Morin had the bravery to gather the politician!

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