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Cult Classic Film The Warriors Was Almost Much Gayer, Director Reveals

Cult Classic Film The Warriors Was Almost Much Gayer, Director Reveals

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Walter Hill shares what was cut from the movie many know and love.


Walter Hill's cult classic film The Warriors — you know, the one about a gang of shirtless dudes in leather vests running around New York City all night? — yeah that one, was almost much gayer.

The beloved 1979 movie follows a dystopian New York City taken over by street gangs. After being accused of assassinating a rival boss, one gang called The Warriors must fight for their lives in the Bronx to survive the night.

While critically panned at the time, the film was a box office hit and still has a large queer fanbase to this day – and it's easy to see why! It reeks of homoeroticism. Just take a look at the original trailer.

[youtube expand=1 site_id=25299530] THE WARRIORS - (1979)

The Warriors is an all-male gang, all muscley and ripped and running around with no women in sight. Other gangs include the Baseball Furies, the Hi-Hats who painted their faces like mimes, and the all-girl group the Lizzies (the latter feels pretty gay to us, but alas).

But now, 43-years-later, Hill has revealed that there were plans to include an explicitly gay gang.

According to The Hollywood Reporter's history podcast, It Happened In Hollywood, the original Hill screenplay featured a group called the Dingos, who he identified as gay and were meant "to be outfitted in leather fetishwear, some of it studded in chrome rivets and spikes," according to costume designer Bobbie Mannix. "Sadly, that vision never made it to screen."

The Dingos “weren’t villainous,” Hill recalled. “It was not a scene that was negative about the gay gang. I thought it was another way of staying ahead of [the times]. Swan [Michael Beck] was their prisoner and he got away. But they had their dignity.”

Unfortunately, studio budget cuts put a stop to the vision before it ever came to be. “We never shot it,” Hill said. “I’m very sorry about that. What I wanted to show was the gay gang in a positive light.”

Perhaps it's time for a reboot to bring this vision to life then. When asked about the possibility, Hill commented, "Well, I did mine. Good luck."

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