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From gay rappers to popular music from LGBT allies, we combed the interwebs for the most trendy songs and singers. Whether you spend your nights dancing with Ariana Grande or weeping with Sam Smith, scroll for the latest stories on your favorite artists, singers and music makers. 

Jamie Scoles' new award-winning, experimental visuals artfully display the power of women. 

March 21 2019 3:24 PM

Proposing during an Ariana Grande concert is the cutest (and gayest!) thing ever!! 

March 21 2019 1:41 PM

"I've been waiting for this one!"

March 20 2019 1:10 PM

This isn't quite what they expected.

March 19 2019 10:39 AM

Who's ready to scream "OPPALANNNNNCE" at the club?

March 18 2019 5:40 PM

"Dancing On My Own" is hard to nail down, but here we are.

March 16 2019 2:47 PM