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No, we’re not talking about the type of test where you end up running out of time and have to flirt with your professor for extra credit. We’re talking about the tests where you find out what kind of Disney Princess you are by answering questions about how you like your pasta cooked. Of course, there’s no science behind any of this, but here at we believe online tests can be an art. That’s why we keep you up-to-date about every gay test and quiz that’s trending online. Because it’s important to know whether you’re more of a Samantha or a Carrie. It’s part of knowing yourself!

How Getting Tested Together Strengthened My Relationship

Hold yourselves accountable for each other's sexual health. It goes a long way. 

WATCH: Is Ellen more an 'Ellen' or a 'Portia'?

Watch Ellen take an online personality test to see if she's more like herself or her wife.

WATCH: Is There Such a Thing As a Lesbian Smile? - A Test...

Our research says, sometimes. We don't want to stereotype BUT, is there a slight difference in the way lesbians smile?

QUIZ : Test Your Pride History Knowledge!

You go to the parade, but how much do you know about the history behind it?

QUIZ: How Good Is Your Old-School Lesbian Slang?

Think you know vintage lesbian slang? Take the quiz and find out!

QUIZ! : How Good Is Your Gaydar?

Take our quiz of 10 straight, gay and bisexual women to find out.