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Can't get to an LGBTQ+ center? CommYOUnity comes to you. We're a one-stop space to find LGBTQ+ news, ideas, events, and videos about the people, places and things changing our world for the better. Join us in creating change and share what you discover here using #CommYOUnity.

10 Lies I Was Told About Sex From Watching Gay Porn

As much as I want life to emulate art, it's just not realistic. 

Will Truvada Make Me Gain Or Lose Weight?

While some might see a slight weight gain, it's usually gone after a couple weeks. 

What Drugs Aren't Safe To Take While On PrEP?

It's important to speak to your doctor about all medications you're taking, but these should be no-brainers. 

On a Quest for Pleasure, He Discovered Empowerment

Damon Jacobs started taking PrEP because he wanted to have condomless sex. Then he discovered how empowering it was—in and out of the bedroom.

A Pioneer in PrEP Advocacy

Damon Jacobs was part of the first wave of people to get on PrEP. Since then he has been a force, empowering his community to take charge of their sexual health.  

Don't Miss These International Queer Pride Parties In November

Trot the globe and be free, happy, and of course, queer AF.

How To Find Affordable PrEP

You can have HIV prevention without breaking the bank. 

Finding True Love and Building a Life Together

Recently engaged couple, Thomas Davis and Jace Dawson are role models for navigating the intricacies of a serio-discordant relationship.

Prepping for Marriage

When Thomas Davis and Jace Dawson fell in love and learned how to tune out the world to find their truth along the way.

9 Tips for Better (Sex)ual Health

Because healthy sex should never be boring.

How To Find Your Local LGBT Community Center

You don't need to be alone. There are resources out there, even in your own backyard. 

Queer Men: Stop PrEP Shaming Each Other!

PrEP is one of this generation's greatest wonder drugs, so why are we cursing it? 

All The Queer Events Happening In August!

Get those flags back out, the party isn't over yet. 

Fight For Your Voice Because You're Worth The Scars

It’s not hard to have a voice, but it is hard finding the courage to use it.

How To Build Esteem In An Image-Obsessed World

Enough of the show. It's time to build authenticity from the inside-out. 

How Queer Guys Can Find Dates Without Grindr

Love doesn't always need to come with a swipe. 

Fulfilling a Dream

Jasmine Barragan is a make-up artist chasing her dream in Los Angeles. The road for her has not always been easy as a transgender Latina. Her story inspires us all to never give up on your calling.

Rising Like a Phoenix

Makeup artist Jasmine Barragan has had to take care of herself since she was kicked out of home as a teenager. Now, taking PrEP, is just another way of helping herself.

All The Queer Pride Events Happening In JUNE!

Get ready. It's about to be rainbow all month long. 

My Love Has No Status

Our hearts and souls themselves are not HIV-positive.