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7 Reasons to Watch the Season 2 Premiere of "Agent Carter"

7 Reasons to Watch the Season 2 Premiere of "Agent Carter"

7 Reasons to Watch the Season 2 Premiere of "Agent Carter"

After a painful, almost year-long wait, the season two premiere of Marvel'sAgent Carter is upon us.

Fans have been frantically searching for updates and behind-the-scenes footage, rocking red fedoras at conventions, and rewatching the first season over and over in preparation. (Or maybe that's just me)

Avid watchers of the show will surely tune in to the two hour premiere Tuesday night, but if any new potential viewer is left sitting on the fence attempting to choose between Agent Carter and a Real Housewives re-run, allow me to attempt to push you to Team Carter.

Here are just a few reasons to watch:

1. Agent Carter herself, Hayley Atwell

Hayley Atwell is perfect as Agent Peggy Carter. Peggy is charming, quick-witted, resourceful, confident and self-assured. So is Atwell.

Known for her onset Dubsmashes, fantastic sense of humor and openness with fans, Atwell is a rare creature who seems to deserve all of her success and then some.

atwell dub

2. The possibility of Cartinelli

Since the very beginning of the show, viewers have been interested in the relationship between Agent Carter and Angie Martinelli. The two seem to epitomize the "gal pal" phenomena. Sure, they're obviously good friends, but surely there's something more..?


Both Atwell and Lyndsy Fonseca, (who plays Angie) have shown support for the pairing, with Atwell saying she can absolutely picture Carter being bisexual, and publicly stating "I'd love [Cartinelli.] So would Lyndsy. We're absolutely, 100% up for that."


[youtube expand=1 site_id=25299530]

3. An exciting new setting

Last season the show took place in New York. This time however, Peggy's gone Hollywood.

The new setting is bound to give the show a fresh feeling and an exciting new point of view.

carter la

4. More Marvel Easter eggs

Marvel lovers are aware that every Marvel creation has references to others. The Avengers movies are intertwined, Jessica Jones meets Daredevil's go-to badass nurse, and Howard Stark flirts with basically everyone.

Another season of Agent Carter means more references to her past with Captain America himself, Steve Rogers, more subtle hints to the Hydra conspiracy, and more backstory on present-day Marvel characters.

steve carter

5. It's a period piece done well

The costumes. The sets. The props. Even the lingo makes you feel like you've been transported back to 1940's America. It's fabulous.

period piece

6. Because feminism

Peggy Carter is a feminist dream. 

She can -- and has -- taken down all the bad guys single-handedly, proving that she is the most unstoppable force on the show.

Adele middle finger

She also supports other women, speaks her mind, rolls her eyes at sexist displays, and has complete respect and confidence in herself.

Her best line of last season:

"I don't need Agent Thompson's approval, or the President's. I know my value. Anyone else's opinion doesn't really matter."

7. She's the best kind of hero

Peggy is a total badass, sure, but she's a well-rounded character with lots of strengths, and plenty of weaknesses that make her wonderfully human. She is empathetic, but can be impulsive. She is brilliant, but can be closed-off from others. She is focused, but she's a workaholic.

She's your everyday kind of superhero -- one with no superhuman powers or strengths. She's just an incredible woman trying to save the world in any way she can. What's better than that?

carter hat

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