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Going Out on the Weekend, As Illustrated by Cats

Going Out on the Weekend, As Illustrated by Cats

Going Out on the Weekend, As Illustrated by Cats

Because cats just get it.


Making plans is hard. committing to plans is even harder, and following through with them is the most difficult of all. You see, the thing about making plans for the weekend is that they always seem better during the week because we'd be down to do pretty much anything besides work. But once you get to Friday and the exhaustion starts to kick in, you start to regret making plans as involved and energy-requiring as you did. Some people fight through the regret and see the plans through, while others muster up some sort of excuse that the other person usually doesn't believe anyways.

The only other creature — aside from human beings, of course — who can properly explain this social phenomenon are cats, because really, they're more like us than any other animal. Take a second, sit back, and enjoy these cats displaying what is probably a very accurate re-enactment of what your weekend plans look like.

Work ends on Friday and you revel in the joy, freedom, and nearly unlimited possibilities.

One of your friends sends out an invitation or someone plan ideas and the group is REALLY feeling it!

It's almost time to go, and you really feel like you should go, but you get into your element and feel like literally you couldn't do anything besides be yourself at home right now.

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You decide to be brave and text your excuse. But your friend keeps probing you, asking questions that you haven't come up with answers for yet. You enter a treacherous, rapid-fire back and forth.

You survive the back-and-forth, happy that you at least said something before you bailed. But you can't shake the feeling that everyone knows you're lying, and that they'll be out to get you.

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Despite your anxiety, you, of course, get hungry. You sneak out to get some snacks, praying you won't run into any of the people you were supposed to hang with. You have no backup plan if you get caught.

After all the worries, excuses, and stress you make the most of the sleeping, because why not?

[iframe allowfullscreen="" class=^{{"giphy-embed"}}^ frameborder="0" height="360" width="480"]

All the while, your friends are truly either like this...

...or like this.

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