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Why Black, Trans Stories Like Mine Aren't Just Nice to Have, But Essential

​Why Black, Trans Stories Like Mine Are Essential

​Why Black, Trans Stories Like Mine Are Essential
Photo by Marie-Adélina de la Ferrière | equalpride

GLAAD's Black Queer Creative Summit brought artists together for an inspiring weekend.

In a world where boundaries are effortlessly drawn and limitations cast, isn't it audacious that one would choose to strut the catwalk of life in their unabashed truth? Especially if you're walking in the heels of Black queer professionals and creatives. If shoes tell a story, then ours reverberate with tales of being overlooked, underestimated. But within these tales of adversity, we also find notes of defiance; our cadence never missing a beat, heels clicking in the direction of our dreams.

There’s no better catwalk to showcase these tales than GLAAD’s Black Queer Creative Summit. Picture this: Los Angeles, a September weekend, and a weekend mix of authenticity, inspiration, and empowerment. As I stepped in, it felt like I was entering one of those opulent soirées in a film – the attention to detail was impeccable: from Black queer artists on display in the hotel, to a welcome that felt fit for fashion week.

But what truly made my heart skip a beat? Witnessing over 130 Black queer creatives in a single space – all thriving, all so fiercely themselves. This wasn’t just another gathering; it was an anthology of inspiration, painting a world where we're not just an afterthought but the main exhibit.

Speaking of showstoppers, let's talk about our Black trans sisters. Dominique Morgan, Mariah Moore, Hope Giselle, Angelica Ross – the list goes on. Their tales of resilience amidst waves of prejudice, ignorance, and adversity were both heart-wrenching and awe-inspiring. Their stories, filled with episodes of unfair critique, racism, transphobia, and misogyny, yet so full of courage and hope, were nothing short of power-packed testimonials.

They rise, honey. They always do.

After three days at the summit, I came to a revelation – our narratives, our perspectives, are not just nice-to-haves but essentials in this tapestry of creativity. Our tales and experiences aren't just beneficial, they are crucial to the relevance of studios, galleries, agencies and publishers.

Leaving the summit, there was a shift in me. My job as a publicist, or should I say, the Facilitatrix of Stories (isn’t that catchy?), feels more vibrant. Every aspect of my identity – my transness, my Blackness – it’s all the sequins and sparkle that adds panache to my work. Every stride I take, I carry a piece of every incredible individual I met – Dominique’s wisdom, Mariah’s grace, Hope’s brilliance, Angelica’s resilience.

The GLAAD’s Black Queer Creative Summit wasn’t just an event; it was a testament. It sent out a message: we are here, we are Black, beautiful and queer, and our stories are bursting with vibrancy and life. So, to the composers and creatives behind this symphony of empowerment, I say, "Bravo!" For being the embodiment of the change, for living a tale worth telling, for making even your younger self say, "I want to be them when I grow up."

In a world that's quick to write tales of our tragedies, shouldn't we also pen down stories of triumph? As the self-styled Facilitatrix of Stories, I'm ready to shine a spotlight on tales that celebrate, that uplift, that inspire.

Isn't it high time the world saw us – queer and trans people of color – for the luminous constellations we are? And darling, it's not just about shining; it's about setting the sky ablaze.

Marie-Adélina de la Ferrière is the public relations specialist at equalpride, publisher of

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