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9 Places to Get the Androgynous Work Clothes Your Closet Is Missing

Briana Gonzalez

We get it. You're working at an office where everyone is walking around wearing nice shoes, ironed shirts and eyes that appear awake from the moment they enter the building. This means you better have some top notch work clothes that will scream "I'm professional." These retailers are perfect places to start on your quest toward finding androgynous clothing for you to wear from head to toe.

1. The Gap


The perfect place to find classic pieces that will "office job" up your wardrobe. Plus, Gap is basically always having sales, so enjoy the break on your bank account.

Best For: Jeans and pants

Prices Range between $40 - $80

2. Androgyny


When a woman buys a mens button-down, they're often too tight in the hips and bust or super boxy. But the "signature shirt" by Androgyny fixes all those problems without being too tight or short like most womens button downs. 

Best For: Button-downs

Prices for all button-downs are $125, but rest easy knowing they were all domestically made in SF.

3. East Dane


If you're ever finding yourself in need of indulging in designer duds, look no further than the mecca that is East Dane. The most comprehensive retailer of mens designer everything, you'll seriously get lost on this website.

Best For: Literally everything, but start with the accessories.

Prices range from $40 - $4,000, so be responsible.

4. Wildfang


Known as being the purveyor of tomboy style, and of the Evan Rachel Would campaign, Wildfang is definitely a place where you can buy work clothes (and everything else, because this store is amazing).

Best For: Pants mostly, but there are definitely some great tops and outwear. Plus jumpsuits (?!)

Prices range between $50 - $200

5. Topman


Topman is huge in the UK as a menswear store, but this is a great place to find high quality, trendy clothing, much of which is appropriate for cubicle life. And women.

Best For: Specific finds, like a certain kind of belt, or color linen shirt

Prices range between $20 - $400

6. Everlane


Everlane proudly has full consumer transparency about keeping their costs down, while also only creating a few pieces at a time. Be careful about looking at their website because you will want to buy everything in sight.

Best For: Their loafers, but they have such a limited inventory that literally all of their offerings are worth a look. 

Prices range between $15 - $200

7. Brooks Brothers


Best For: No-iron dress shirts and red fleece men's sport shirts

Prices range between $70 - $100

8. J.Crew


Best For: Suiting.

Prices range between $30 - $300

9. Urban Outfitters


It can sometimes be so daunting to look through all the racks in the store or pages on UO's website, but if you're dedicated, and know where to look, you can find some great work pieces for pretty cheap.

Best For: Womens pants and mens shirts

Prices range between $30 - $80

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