SheWired Shot of The Day: Chaz Bono and Lacey Schwimmer Dress Up for DWTS - Video

SheWired Shot of The Day: Chaz Bono and Lacey Schwimmer Dress Up for DWTS - Video

There is a moment in just about every workday when we come across something sexy, gratuitous and completely pointless that we wish we could post but don't under the auspices of there being nothing lesbian about it and often there being no redeeming value. Well, we at SheWired have made an executive decision to just throw any of our pseudo-feminist caution to the wind and to just post our favorite shot of the day, whether it be sexy, salacious, or just because…

The newly released official cast photographs for Dancing With The Stars have been released and Chaz Bono and his pro partner Lacey Schwimmer look hot!


Wouldn't it be so funny if that towel were to just...fall off?

(photo credit: @menandjocks)

Bono is all smiles, holding a burlesque-dressed Schwimmer, and looking rather winning himself in a black tie and vest. Love the patent leather shoes.


For her part, Shwimmer is focusing on the positive support for her DWTS team, rather than any closed minded criticisms for casting the first transgender contestant ever on the celeb reality competition.


Look at this guy - he's unfathomably thrilled with this mug. Not to mention his abs look like a sexy Lego brick.

(photo credit: @changchoet_)

“Even with the negative feedback, the positive is definitely outweighing what anyone has bad to say about us,” she told Access Hollywood.

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