How to Contribute to Lesbian Filmmaker JD Disalvatore's Cancer Fund

How to Contribute to Lesbian Filmmaker JD Disalvatore's Cancer Fund
Tracy E. Gilchrist

Anyone who’s ever attended an LGBT event in Los Angeles or has likely met and been impacted by  filmmaker, activist, writer, blogger (who created and curated The Smoking Cocktail), photographer and social butterfly JD Disalvatore, who's always a stand-out with her signature silver hair and glasses. JD, the out lesbian producer of films in the LGBT canon including Elena Undone, A Marine Story, Shelter and Eating Out 2, was recently diagnosed with breast cancer.

As a freelance artist JD does not have health insurance.  Now, her loved ones have created a fundraising page to help stem what will undoubtedly be staggering medical costs in light of the treatment she will undergo. The goal for the 12-day fundraiser on Indiegogo is $35,0000, and already hundreds of generous supporters have helped to make her battle a little less about the money, but as medical treatment is outrageously costly, it would be terrific to surpass that number by the hundreds of thousands. 

JD’s friend Elliot London created the fundraising page for her, eloquently explaining who JD is and what lies ahead of her. Below is Elliot’s summation of who JD is and what lies ahead of her.

Our friend JD needs our help. She is about to start her battle with breast cancer. The doctors found four large lumps in both breast as well as masses in other areas of the body.  

If you have ever met JD, she leaves a lasting impression on you. She is a fixture in our LGBT cinema culture having produced such instant classics as Eating Out 2, Shelter, A Marine Story and Elena Undone. 

Throughout the years she has helped many of us with advice and guidance. There probably isn’t a single person in the community that hasn’t been affected by her whether they are aware of it or not.  Her passion for our film community helped countless others in their effort to create great cinema. 

 JD, like many artists, is a freelancer with no health insurance. It is going to be a very difficult and expensive road ahead. Please consider helping JD as she will have many mounting medical costs and will be unable to work during this process. 

Now is the time for JD to concentrate on getting well. You can help take away the worry of costs by making a contribution now.

If you would like to contribute to JD’s fund you can do so by clicking here.



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