PHOTOS: Pride from Washington D.C. to Tel Aviv

PHOTOS: Pride from Washington D.C. to Tel Aviv
Tracy E. Gilchrist

June may be famous for its brides, but it's also known for pride around the world. Here's the first in a series of worldwide pride photos we'll run throughout the month. Check out Pride from Washington D.C., Queens, NY.,Tel Aviv and Los Angeles.

Capital Pride

The current Capital Pride celebration traces its history to the first LGBT festival in Washington, D.C., which was held in 1975. Saturday's festivities celebrated the 38th annual gay pride parade to take place in the U.S. capital.

Queens Pride 

One of the most ethnically diverse urban areas in the world, Queens, New York has celebrated the beauty of the LGBT community with its parade and festival since 1993. Now the second largest Pride celebration in the New York metropolitan area, the event continues to foster the visibility of the LGBT community as well as the many cultures and religions that make up the New York City borough. Take a look at our collection of photos from the 2013 celebration.

Tel Aviv Pride 

Israel is the only country in the Middle East where LGBT people can openly show affection, so it’s no surprise tens of thousands of people gather each year for the annual Pride celebration in Tel Aviv. 2013 festivities included the city’s 15th annual Pride Parade, musical performances, and speeches from public figures such as Tel Aviv mayor Ron Huldai, who lauded the city as the “most gay-friendly” in the world.

Los Angeles Pride

When it comes to glittery goodness, activism with abs, entertainment with energy, bears and booty boys alongside lovely lesbians, there's no other Gay Pride like Los Angeles's. Take a look at the following photos from the 2013 celebration, which took place over the past weekend.


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