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Fashion’s Androgynous Side: Marimacho and the “Future Dandy”

Fashion’s Androgynous Side: Marimacho and the “Future Dandy”

New York Fashion Week got an injection of gender diversity with the debut of Marimacho’s spring/summer 2014 collection. Calling the line “Deep See,” the line was inspired by the “future world of Atlantis 2050”—think ocean hues like sea-foam green, bright coral, and deep-green algae; as well as breathable linens and sleekly interwoven mesh—across silhouettes tailored to suit a man, but strong enough for a curvy woman.

Fittingly, masculine and feminine styles are the driving forces behind the Marimacho label. Brooklyn-based founders Crystal González-Alé and Ivette González-Alé want to deliver “classic fashion for the unconventionally masculine.” The androgynous aspects certainly shine through, though not as much as the streamlined, futuristic twist of this season’s runway pieces. Words like “sharp” and “vertical and horizontal lines” tie together each piece, but beyond that is a refreshing cleanness and simplicity.

Many menswear-donning women often are left with no choice but to build in cuffs, bunched waistlines and bulgy button lines—what else can a shapely gal do to make her favorite men’s pieces fit? Here finally is a collection of silhouettes expressly built to keep those lines right where they’re supposed to be: hugging the hourglass form of a woman (even the butch ones).

In Marimacho, the González-Alé duo has created a label of high-quality, NYC-made “investment garments.” And the result is a welcome addition to the closet of any stylish suitor who spans the gamut of gender and fashion expression.



Crystal González and Ivette Alé of Marimacho


Lea DeLaria of Orange Is The New Black

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