Demi Lovato Is Coming for Her Grammy: Tell Me You Love Me Is the Album We've Been Waiting For

Taylor Henderson

Demi Lovato has finally figured out who she is with her sixth studio album, Tell Me You Love Me.


Tell Me You Love Me starts with a bang. Lovato's empowering lead single, 'Sorry Not Sorry', refuses to apologize for who she to anyone. In 'You Don't Do It For Me Anymore', Demi shows off her impressive vocals in a powerful ballad about moving on from past vices, including addictions and relationships. 

'Daddy Issues' is a highlight of the album, cheekily owning her obsession over a guy she knows is no good. "You're the man of my dreams/because you know how to leave," she sings, gearing up to a soaring belt over a synthy 80s dance beat, "Lucky for you/I got all these daddy issues."


Lovato only recently began to explore sexuality in her music, but she's done holding back her sexual agency. She gets brassy in 'Ruin the Friendship', risking camaraderie in favor of a night of passion. In 'Lonely', a DJ Mustard-produced kiss goodbye to an awful ex, she elicits the help of Lil Wayne (her only album feature) in this sensual early 2000s slow burn. And Demi's done playing 'Games' with y'all in the aptly titled track. "You might find out the hard way/That two can play it," she warns in the snare-driven track over heavy 808s.

Though every song is wildly different, Lovato's vocal ability, lyrics, and style shine through. Compared to her previous, sonically scattered, albums, Tell Me You Love Me feels like a cohesive piece of work that shows off Lovato's talents in a glossy pop package. Demi seems to finally know what she wants, and she isn't afraid to go after it.  


Tell Me You Love Me has corrected the shortcomings of its misguided predecessor. Where she once had to shout her confidence from the rooftops, it now just exudes from every lyric. Lovato is a grown woman, having fun, batting off fucc bois, owning her sexuality, and is completely content with who she is.

If that isn't #goals, I don't know what is. And as long as Demi's the driver, we're all hitchhikers. 

But will she finally get her Grammy?

Tell Me You Love Me is available everywhere now. 

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