Elijah Daniel Exposed a Homophobic Migos Rapper for Wanting a Feature on Lil Phag Single

Alexander Kirk

Migos member Offset fell under fire yesterday for a homophobic rhyme featured on his upcoming single with YFN Lucci. The line in question states: "60k solitaire / I do not vibe with queers / I got the heart of a bear / I bust ‘em down by the pair."

While rumors of homophobia from the group have swirled for years, our resident queer rapper himself, Elijah Daniel was not having it.

The former Mayor of Hell took to Twitter to reveal that Offset was willing to feature on a Lil Phag track (Elijah Daniel’s rap pseudonym) for a whopping $15K, but on the flipside drag the very community he built his brand on.

The YouTube sensation went even further, giving out more details of the interaction and even screentshotting and tweeting emails between their management teams (which unfortunately have since been deleted).

Regardless, Lil Phag (no matter how problematic his name may be) is always there acting as our vigilant gay protector. Can we get him the key to the city or something? 

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