'Gay Asian Country Love Song' Is, in a Word...Magnificent

Taylor Henderson

Songstress Nathan Ramos has released a work of art.

Throwing glitter all over any stereotypes you might've once had about what is known as a very vanilla genre, "Gay Asian Country Love Song" brings every aspect of Ramos' identity to the forefront—with a comedic edge.

With that signature country guitar and a twang in his voice, Ramos hilariously intertwines Kesha and Britney references with a plethora of sexual innuendos and an assortment of Asian soups and meals, all while the romance of two Asian men with very handsome features plays out before our very eyes. (If they're looking for a third, I'm available!) 

"I love every facet of myself," Ramos told PRIDE. "And this song is a representation of this. I love country music, but am all too familiar with it being a mostly straight, white, male space. A conservative space. A place that would never love me back. And so I have now been no longer asking for permission, but creating a new space, where the things I love will not question my existence, or refuse me a home in the spaces I know so well."

Did I mention the track is quite catchy? I literally haven't stopped singing it all day. 

Watch "Gay Asian Country Love Song" in the video below! And for more on Ramos, make sure to follow him on Instagram!

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