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Fab the Duo Gets 'Stubborn' on New Track & Acoustic Performance

Fab the Duo Gets 'Stubborn' on New Track & Acoustic Performance

Fab the Duo Gets 'Stubborn' on New Track & Acoustic Performance

Watch the musical boyfriend pair sing an exclusive, at-home performance of their new single for PRIDE!


Even if we're all cooped inside, a worldwide pandemic isn't going to stop queer pop artists Fab the Duo from releasing new music.

The musical pairing, comprised of real-life boyfriends Greg Driscoll and Brendan Eprile, sat down on Zoom for an interview with PRIDE's Raffy Ermac, and the two talked about everything from the current state of queer pop to the meaning of their band name. And they even blessed the world with an acoustic version of their newest single "Stubborn," an unintentionally country-theme track about their relationship!

"A lot of people are hearing country in our music, and it's not something we do intentionally. I think it just happens. I'm sure there's something to do with me coming from Texas, that it has a little bit of that in there," Greg said. "But the creation of the song came from literally Brendan and I having an argument, and we're just calling each other stubborn, and the one thing turned into another."

"Through this relationship...we kind of came up with this concept called "Stubborn" where it's like we're both so stubborn, but we're too stubborn to lose each other," Brendan added. "Which I feel like is really fitting for us. And it is so funny about the country. Every single song, we never mean to be country, and people keep on saying that, so I don't know. Maybe it's a sign to go to Nashville, I don't know."

"Loving each other," Fab the Duo said when asked about the central theme of their upcoming EP, Our Love Is Resistance. "Every single song has to do with love, and the title song, "Our Love Is Resistance," is one of the ones where it's both personal and worldly, and it's pretty much our battle cry to the world about realizing that love is what can really bind, that brings us together and really can change anything."

They continued: 

"I think our whole EP is honestly a love story. If you listen to it from beginning to end, it really kind of tells the story of our love, from before we even knew each other and kind of longing or going back and forth. It's funny, 'cause "No Prince Charming" comes right after "I Want a Man." It's like, 'I want a man, but I don't need no Prince Charming,' to kind of this self-love, to kind of this communal love. I just think "Our Love Is Resistance" sums it up so well. It's kind of everything that Fab is about, and I feel like it's so relevant right now, with everything that's happening, remembering to love each other and not be afraid to love each other. That's what's gonna get us through this, not hate.

Watch Fab the Duo's exclusive, at-home, acoustic performance of their latest single "Stubborn" below!

And listen to "Stubborn wherever you stream music, here!

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