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6 Reasons We Can’t Wait for Kingdom Season 2

6 Reasons We Can’t Wait for Kingdom Season 2

6 Reasons We Can’t Wait for Kingdom Season 2

Who’s ready to binge with us?


After December's explosive mid-season finale, we'll finally be blessed with new episodes of Kingdom on June 1! We're in for plenty of GIF-ready shots of Nick Jonas shirtless. To ease our anticipation, we're counting down six reasons why Kingdom is the show to watch. 

1. Nick Jonas, Obvz!
Nick Jonas solidifies his role as a serious contender in the acting world with his role as an MMA fighter. In this hyper-masculine world, Nate struggles with living up to his father’s expectations and exploring his own sexual identity. 

2. Serious Case of the FEELZ
Kingdom’s plot lines will punch you in the gut. Over the course of the show we’ve watched characters overdose, nail-biting fights, and witnessed Nate run away from his sexuality in destructive ways.

3. Scantily Clad Men in Locker Rooms
The boys seem to spend as much time in the locker room as they do in the ring. With enough shower scenes to empty the Pacific, Kingdom delivers on the eye candy.

4. A-Game Work Out Routines
Seriously, that looks really difficult (but very enjoyable to watch).

5. The Fights
Kingdom features MMA fighting as nitty gritty as the real thing. The bright side: you won't look away worrying if someone is actually going to die. Oh, the comforts of Hollywood. 

6. And of Course, the Cast
Kingdom boasts quite the impressive cast. It features Frank Grillo from Captain America: The Winter Soldier in the lead role, Jonathan Tucker from Parenthood (who deserves an honoroable mention for his protrayal of Jay), Nick Jonas, and Joanna Going from House of Cards and Mad Men.
Kingdom Cast

You can watch new episodes Kingdom on AT&T's AUDIENCE Network starting June 1 at 9pm on DIRECTV ch. 239 and U-verse ch. 1114.  Now enjoy the new trailer below:

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