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Apple, Google & Spotify Called Out For Allowing Daily Wire's Anti-Trans Speech

Apple & Spotify Called Out For Allowing Daily Wire's Anti-Trans Speech

Michael Knowles
Michael Knowles/YouTube

All major podcast platforms are being called out for allowing Michael Knowles to keep pushing his transphobic agenda through Daily Wire.


Apple, Spotify, and Google are among the top podcast platforms that are being called out for allowing Michael Knowles’ show on The Daily Wire to keep being broadcast to listeners.

Criticism over the platforming of The Daily Wire has always been criticized by the LGBTQ+ community, but it is now under even more scrutiny following the host’s CPAC speech saying that “transgenderism must be eradicated.” Knowles has made similar remarks on his podcast, saying that he’d like to “ban transgenderism entirely” in a recent episode from February 2023.

There are various other examples of Knowles spewing hateful speech on his podcast, prompting different media personalities to call him out on the internet.

Knowles’ problematic and dangerous remarks have already led a reporter from The Daily Wire, Christina Buttons, to resign (via Reality’s Last Stand).

The calls for the deplatforming of The Daily Wire also include other individuals and subjects, such as the network’s generalized anti-LGBTQ+ stances and Matt Walsh’s particular comments on Dylan Mulvaney’s appearance.

It’s absolutely disheartening and disappointing that hateful speech is still allowed on these podcast platforms, as these remarks have a direct impact on the physical and mental safety of LGBTQ+ individuals. While it is clearly stated in the guidelines of these platforms that hateful speech will not be tolerated, networks like The Daily Wire are still allowed to continue pushing this kind of content in a widespread manner.

We hope that these tech companies can do a more thorough evaluation of the content being broadcast on The Daily Wire and how it directly goes against these platforms’ safety guidelines.

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