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right wing hate

Conservative family hates LGBTQ+ people so much they moved to Russia & shocker it didn't go well

The right-wing family left the freedom of Canada for an oligarchy all because of their hatred of LGBTQ+ people and "left-wing ideology."

Kristen Stewart's 'Rolling Stone' cover has lesbians thirsty & conservatives BIG MAD

The photos aren't for you — straights need not apply!

Even Oreos aren't exempt from angry conservative boycotts for supporting LGBTQ+ rights

If it’s not Bud Light, Target, or Disney, conservatives will find a new company to boycott. This time, it’s Oreo.

Moms for Liberty member caught stealing from Target & being a HUGE hypocrite

Keri Blair was caught shoplifting from the same store conservatives love to hate for being too "woke"

Christians crucify Lil Nas X over Jesus Christ promo, but the clap backs are giving us life

I mean, y'all wanted him to find Jesus after grinding on Satan during the previous era.

Candace Owens calls LGBTQ+ people a 'sexual plague' in a predictably hateful rant​

The ultra-conservative pundit bores us with the same hate she's been spewing for years. Get a life, Candace!

Watch This Christian TikToker Attempt An LGBTQ+ Gotcha & Get Hilariously Trolled Instead

Now THIS is how you shut down trolls IRL! Gurl you TRIED IT!

​Pink Will Hand Out Books At Florida Concerts In Response To Book Bans

The music superstar takes on book bans in the state that has the most of them.

Watch This Comedian Hilariously Destroy These Book Banners To Their Face

This is exactly why LGBTQ+ book bans don't protect kids at all.

80% of LGBTQ+ People Feel Less Secure Due to Gender-Affirming Care Bans

The laws are aimed primarily at trans youth, but they're negatively affecting all LGBTQ+ Americans, a new study finds.

Remembering The Time Wayne Brady Destroyed A Homophobic Tweet In 2018

Five years ago, Wayne Brady was clapping back at tweets calling him “gay.”

Justin Trudeau Wore Pink To See 'Barbie' & The Right Is Freaking Out

Conservatives are having a completely normal *cough cough* reaction to the photo he shared.

Marc Maron Says What We’ve All Been Thinking About ‘Barbie’ Backlash

He’s not holding back and it’s so cathartic.

#NotADragQueen Epically Shuts Down Claim Drag Queens Are The Threat

The statistics and anecdotes paint a different story than rightwing rhetoric.

​Greta Gerwig Responds To Ridiculous Right-Wing Backlash Over 'Barbie'

"My hope for the movie is that it's an invitation for everybody to be part of the party," Gerwig said.

Ron DeSantis' Latest Eye-Rolling Move: An Investigation Into Bud Light

The conservative outrage over a single trans person drinking beer continues.

Jason Aldean Video Dubbed 'Modern Lynching Song' Gets Pulled

Jason Aldean's most recent music video features some alarming productions choices that viewers are calling "pro-lynching."

Preacher Spirals Over 'Barbie' Including 'Transgender & Homosexuality'

“I curse this new Barbie movie,” the Christian preacher decried.

Trixie Mattel Dismantles Anti-Drag Rhetoric In Under 1 Minute

The All Stars 3 winner is over the theatrics and dramatics of conservatives.

Apple & Spotify Called Out For Allowing Daily Wire's Anti-Trans Speech

All major podcast platforms are being called out for allowing Michael Knowles to keep pushing his transphobic agenda through Daily Wire.