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Do You Sound Like a Lesbian? 

Do You Sound Like a Lesbian?

Do You Sound Like a Lesbian?

Taylor Barrett, our video correspondent, went out and asked strangers on the street: do you think you could identify someone's sexual orientation based on the way that they sound?

The documentary, Do I Sound Gay? explores this question, from the perspective of gay men, but we were curious if this question could also apply to lesbians.

Is there a lesbian voice?

Taylor went out on the streets of Los Angeles with a group of five women to test out this social experiment: taylor barrett

Taylor asks strangers on the street to identify which one of the five women from the group is a lesbian, based on the way that they sound.

She asks them all to say the same line, such as:taylor barrett

Because who hasn't seen that lesbians who look like Justin Bieber Tumblr?

Taylor then asks each woman in the group to say the line: "My favorite store is Home Depot."

The responses from strangers were varied, but this particular dude tells Taylor:taylor barrett

Taylor then says, "An insult?"

Apparently, to this man on the street, being called a lesbian is an 'insult.' 

Another guy then picks out a different woman from the group, and says it is because she said the phrase "nice and boldly."taylor barrett

Taylor then asks, "So a bold delivery suggests lesbian?" He says, "I'm not asserting that."

But when Taylor says, "Oh, ok. It's just maybe she is gay?"

Dude goes, "Yeah."

This fellow from earlier says he picked out a specific girl because she seemed "a little more assertive" than the rest of the group.taylor barrett

Taylor then says, "And that translates as gay to you?"

He then says:taylor barrett

Taylor then says, "So confidence for women is out of the ordinary?"

Then it was time for the big reveal...

taylor barrett

After the big reveal, this couple was really excited because:taylor barrett

This gentleman, clearly perplexed, then asks Taylor:taylor barrett

What exactly is the website for the GAY AGENDA?!?! Pride dot com, of course. taylor barrett

Watch the whole video here and let us know what you think in the comments:

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