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4 Drink Brands That Are Giving Back to the LGBT Community

4 Alcohol Brands Donating a Portion of their Proceeds to the LGBTQ Community
Zachary Zane

Pride is not only a protest, but a celebration! One filled with laughs, colorful outfits, and for many of us, drinks! If you plan on drinking (and/or getting drunk) during Pride Month, you might as well support the alcohol companies who are donating a portion of their proceeds to LGBTQ causes, right? Let's put our drinking to good use!

So here are four brands that are donating a portion of their limited-edition Pride bottles/cans to various LGBTQ organizations.

1. EFFEN Vodka

To kick off Pride Month and the new Different by Design campaign, EFFEN created a special, signature bottle in celebration of self-expression and diversity. All I can say is that the colorful, rainbow bottle is super, EFFEN gay. For every limited-edition Pride bottle EFFEN makes, they donate $1 to Outfest, an organization that promotes LGBTQ equality by creating, sharing, and protecting LGBTQ stories on the screen.

2. Stoli

In honor of Harvey Milk Day (May 22) and Pride Month, Stoli released a limited-edition Pride bottle (only 50,000 created) that contains an image of Harvey Milk on the label. The image is actually a replica of a mural, proudly displayed in the Castro District, by Paraguayan muralist Oz Montani. Stoli will also be making a donation to the Harvey Milk Foundation in honor of Harvey Milk and Pride Month.

4 Alcohol Brands Donating a Portion of their Proceeds to the LGBTQ Community
3. Svedka

Svedka teamed up with the adults-only piñata brand NIPYATA! to create the ultimate Pride party favor. The oversized Svedka bottle piñata is filled with the brand’s Blue Raspberry, Cucumber Lime, and Grapefruit Jalapeno flavored vodka nips. Yayay!! More vodka!! The piñatas are available throughout June with a portion of all proceeds going towards the Human Rights Campaign (HRC).

4. House Wine

From May 1 to August 31, House Wine is standing behind its "Everyone's Welcome in Our House" motto by donating $2 of every purchased rainbow-colored can case to HRC!

As always, you must be 21 to drink and you should always drink responsibly. Nobody wants to hold your hair back as you puke on the corner of the street wearing a rainbow skirt. Ya know?  

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