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The All Stars 3 Snatch Game Was..Intense

The 'All Stars 3' Snatch Game Was..Intense

The 'All Stars 3' Snatch Game Was..Intense

Especially for Trixie fans!


It’s every Drag Race fan's favorite week: Snatch Game! And honey, more than the wigs were snatched this week!

After being thrown away (because her expiration date had long passed), Milk left a shady mirror note calling Kennedy’s decision bogus. (I’m sure she was completely surprised, but she shouldn’t have been if she spent more than a single second paying attention to anything but herself.) Kennedy tells the girls that she made her decision because Milk said she would’ve sent her home and that she felt that Milk was disingenuous.

When the queens returned to the workroom RuPaul immediately enters to announce that this week’s maxi challenge is an All Stars edition of Snatch Game. With all the queens talking about who they’d be doing and preparing for their roles, Shangela notices a note from Thorgy taped to Trixie's workstation wall that refers to her as a shady b*tch. GEARL. Miss Shangela went IN. Honestly, this was the most interesting thing Trixie has done the whole competition. Trixie then tries to pretend to act like she didn’t do it with negative intentions and no one in the room was having it. What’s most annoying about this is that it wasn’t like Thorgy got sent home in some major upset. She just failed her week. And that’s that on that.

Ru returns to the workroom with designer Marc Jacobs to get a sneak peek of what each queen will be doing. Bebe announces that she will be Grace Jones, which brings concern to Ru and everyone else because Grace Jones is a lot of things, but funny isn’t especially one of those things. Shangela said she would be Miss Cleo, but after her Jamaican accent sounded more Irish, she decided to change to Jenifer Lewis. Kennedy, having been the winner of a Snatch Game on her season as Little Richard, had the spotlight on her and announced that she would be Real Housewive's of Atlanta's Phaedra Parks. This was a strange choice considering Nene Leakes exists.

Trixie and Shangela have a heart-to-heart about the note Trixie left. Trixie just couldn’t bear the thought of someone being upset with her going into the challenge after she did something blatantly shady. The Snatch Game begins and we get to see everyone else’s characters.

Trixie Mattel was RuPaul. This is always a bad decision, but if anyone could pull it off it has to be Trixie (or so we thought). As it turns out, Trixie she couldn't. She had a great start by playing to the fact that RuPaul’s favorite thing to do is to promo herself. But after the intro, everything fell flat. Not even her responses to questions were funny and this was likely because she she sabotaged herself by putting so much pressure on herself to win something.

Kennedy’s Phaedra Parks wasn’t good or bad...iwas just there. It was like one of those moments you’d imagine she spent time rehearsing at home and no one was there to tell her that maybe she should pick something else. Chi Chi fell flat as Maya Angelou. She committed to botching it so hard she spelled her name wrong. I wish she would’ve just been able to spin that into a joke about Maya actually not spelling her name that way, but alas, it is what it is.

BenDeLa delivered another great performance. Her Paul Lynde was perfectly charismatic and funny. BenDeLa has been so good this season, it’s almost getting boring (just kidding). Now the surprise great performance for me came from Aja whose Crystal LaBeija was so perfectly crafted and thought out it was almost unbelievable how she took this little known character to many and made them likable.

Bebe’s Grace Jones was fine. That’s really all there is to say about that. Especially considering that there are dark corners of the internet spreading rumors that she is acting as a mole for Ru. Shangela switched her character (something that has usually not worked out for queens in the past) and nailed it! Her Jenifer Lewis was a great homage to her personal friend and the mother of Black Hollywood.

But the best performance of Snatch Game, hands down, goes to guest and Broadway star Kristin Chenoweth who played herself. (Because no other queen has ever been her before—a strangely gross oversight. Apologies on behalf of the whole community to Ms. Chenoweth, who has given us more than we deserve!) She nailed it. Her jokes were funny and she brought props! It was almost like she had the questions beforehand, but we all know she definitely didn’t!

The runway was about 5.2 seconds, but from what I saw of it the theme seemed to be flowers and the girls were in full bloom. Shangela gave a Beyoncé inspired pregnancy look while Chi Chi served debutante ball in Spring. Ultimately, Shangela and BenDeLa were in the top two and Chi Chi, Kennedy, and Trixie were the bottom three.

The girls untucked for a bit and each girl did a few one-on-ones to get their heads wrapped around who should go and who should stay. After a sickening lip sync to Katy Perry’s "I Kissed A Girl" (complete with stripping and thrown breath mints) Ru decided to make both girls winners and they split the $10,000 tip (though we all know Shangela won the lip sync).

The true gag was they BOTH got the option to send people home. My heart was racing thinking Trixie would go, but both queens chose Chi Chi. And just like that, the Bayou Queen was packing her wigs.

The double elimination didn’t gag us as fully as we imagined, but Mama Ru carried, honey!!! I’m already mad about next week’s elimination!

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Phillip Henry is a writer, comedian, advocate, and performer in New York City. His writing can be seen in various publications including Teen Vogue, them, and Mic. He hosts a weekly LGBTQ comedy variety show, The Tea Party, in the Hell's Kitchen neighborhood of Manhattan.

Phillip Henry is a writer, comedian, advocate, and performer in New York City. His writing can be seen in various publications including Teen Vogue, them, and Mic. He hosts a weekly LGBTQ comedy variety show, The Tea Party, in the Hell's Kitchen neighborhood of Manhattan.