Here’s Who Drag Race Fans Want to Win All Stars 3

drag race
Zachary Zane

RuPaul asked fans on Twitter to vote for which queen they want to win All Stars 3. The votes weren’t even close. According to Twitter, the unanimous winner should be Trixie Mattel.

At the time of reporting, Team Trixie had 17,000 likes compared to Shangela’s 5,700, Kennedy’s 1,700 and Bebe’s 1,100.

This goes to show that fans will stick with their favorite contestant prior to the season, and not budge one bit. I mean this with the utmost shade, because it’s pretty clear that Trixie hasn’t proven she deserves the crown. She has been significantly less consistent in her runway lewks and performances than Shangela (although I did love her "red for filth" lewk). But the fans love her, and she can do no wrong.

We’ll see how much RuPaul takes these fan votes into consideration, since the last All Stars season, Katya had the most likes, but Alaska snatched the crown.

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