Watch: Cher, Kathy Griffin Say Don't Let Romney 'Turn Back Time' on Women

Watch: Cher, Kathy Griffin Say Don't Let Romney 'Turn Back Time' on Women
Sunnivie Brydum

In a new video released by progressive activist and fact-checking site, Cher and Kathy Griffin team up to urge voters not to let Mitt Romney and the GOP "Turn Back Time" on women's rights. 

The video opens with an ominous cascade of Romney clips, followed by Indiana senate candidate Richard Mourdock's now-infamous statement that pregnancy from rape is "what God intended," and shows Romney's endorsement, asking Indianans to join him in supporting Mourdock's bid for a U.S. Senate seat.

"Actually, Mitt, we won't be joining you," Cher says. "Because there's a lot at stake in this election, especially for women and people who like women and respect them."

Kathy Griffin chimes in, saying, "I'm looking at you, gays, LGBTQIA… BCD. Look, the point is, this is not the election to be complacent." 

Cher turns her attention to the absurd rape talk that has become unfathomably common among GOP candidates, calling it "sick stuff." We wonder if, perhaps, Cher might have used a slightly stronger word than "stuff" in an unedited take. 

Griffin provides comic relief throughout the video, perhaps best when she illustrates Cher's take-down of Missouri senate candidate Todd Akin's comments about how a woman's body can magically shut down a pregnancy occurring from a "legitimate rape." 

Cher asks about "the guy that looks like Dracula," which Griffin clarifies for us is Republican vice presidential hopeful Paul Ryan. (Now that you mention it, Cher, Ryan does have a certain vampiric quality to him.) Griffin points out that the would-be-VP only believes in a woman's right to choose in cases of "forcible rape." Because, you know, all those consensual rapes totally get overplayed in the media. 

Watch the entire video below, and for the love of everything lady-related, please get out there and vote tomorrow. 


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