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Why we need to give shout outs to all the celebrities supporting LGBT youth

Why we need to give shout outs to all the celebrities supporting LGBT youth

Celebrities and high-profile personalities continue to give the anti-LGBT bullying issue a spotlight in order to make a positive impact. 


There’s still some work to be done when it comes to preventing anti-LGBT bullying but the experts agree on the ways we can focus energies to make an impact. And, fortunately, celebrities and high-profile personalities are paying attention, as they continue to use their influence to educate and inform a large audience about this important cause. From awards show stages to red carpets and other high-visibility platforms, artists are speaking out for LGBT youth acceptance.  

Some of our favorite celebs, like Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus, have even worked to establish organizations that put a focus on empowering young LGBTs.

Getting serious for a minute, the government agency U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, which leads an initiative called, recommends everyday actions we can all take to address and prevent bullying. Whether you are a target, a bystander or an ally, unity is a major key.

Some tips from the experts:

Establish a shared vision about bullying in the community.” That time Lady Gaga worked to create the Born This Way Foundation, an organization she started to specifically focus on anti-bullying and empowering youth. We love her forever because she is always very open and vocal about acceptance and equality for the LGBT community, and specifically LGBT youth.

Miley Cyrus is another celebrity ally of the LGBT community. She has our back. Her Happy Hippie Foundation is focused on efforts to increase support of LGBT youth and their families.


“Being friendly can go a long way toward letting [vulnerable youth] know that they are not alone.” It makes us think of that time earlier this year when Demi Lovato appeared at the Billboard Music Awards and spoke out for LGBT acceptance. She wore a tshirt in support of a transgender issue and even got Nick Jonas to take a stand with her when they canceled concert dates in North Carolina to protest the state’s anti-LGBT law HB2.

Can we talk about how many times actress Naya Rivera was interviewed about playing a lesbian character on the TV show Glee? And she has many times expressed her ally status with the LGBT community, and saying she was proud to represent a lesbian teen on TV.


Involve anyone who wants to learn about bullying and reduce its impact in the community.” Working together to spread awareness about the issue is important. Advocates can come from likely and unlikely backgrounds. Professional American football player Michael Sam continues to be outspoken about equality and acceptance for the LGBT community in the sports world, and sharing the message with a wide audience.

And one of our favorite activists, Tyler Oakley, Youtube star and social media personality, gives his audience a clear picture of all the times he has worked with organizations like Trevor Project, which helps LGBT youth get through challenges like bullying.

And since you definitely don't need to be a celebrity to use your voice and stand up to bullying, keep these tips in mind every day. 

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