Out and Proud French Handballer Alexandra Lacrabère Headed to the Olympics

Out and Proud French Handballer Alexandra Lacrabère Headed to the Olympics

French handballer Alexandra Lacrabère first disclosed her relationship status last November in Hand Action Magazine, but with the Olympic Trials heating up across the globe, her personal life has, yet again, come to the forefront as the French national team gears up to compete for Olympic Gold.

Lacrabère, 24, who is one of the top handballers in the world, recently sat down with Yagg.com to discuss her coming out and her drive to become the best.  

Below is some of the Q&A from that interview, via a rough translation:

Were your teammates on the French team aware that you’re gay?

In fact, everyone knows about me. My family has always accepted. In the middle, people know I'm gay and it's not because I'm gay that clubs do not want me. On the French team, there has never been any barriers between us.

How come you came out in Hand Action?

The journalist asked me questions about my daily life outside the handball, I could see my life and I honestly do not care what people think of me, you can not please everyone.

According to Yagg.com,  Lacrabère said that she came out simply because the reporter asked her a question about how she spends her time, and she felt that she couldn’t answer honestly without mentioning her girlfriend.  

Do you feel now that you have a job to do?

No, but if talking about it can change attitudes, it is. I think it's a matter of education. Anyway, everything starts from there. My family has always accepted. My nephews, for example, know that I'm gay, it's never been a problem. We are not aliens, we are human beings.

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