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Stephen Amell is a super sexy hunk and star of the hit series Arrow on The CW. And while we love him as billionaire playboy Oliver Queen/Green Arrow, who dashingly fights crime in a skintight green suit in Starling City, we know Amell has a distinctly gay TV track record: he got his first break playing a gay spin instructor on Showtime's groundbreaking gay drama Queer as Folk. After a recurring role on that show, he played a straight male villain on the gay supernatural drama Dante's Cove on Here TV. He has taken television by storm in Arrow and his career is definitely pointing up. Follow Pride for all things Amell!

Hottest Scenes From Stephen Amell's Gay Stay on 'Dante's Cove'

If you think Stephen Amell is sexy on Arrow, you haven't seen his beach bum on Dante's Cove.