Hottest Scenes From Stephen Amell's Gay Stay on Dante's Cove

Stephen Amell on Dante's Cove
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Long before Stephen Amell portrayed playboy billionaire/vigilante archer Oliver Queen (a.k.a. Green Arrow) on Arrow, he checked into Hotel Dante on the supernatural gay soap opera Dante's Cove, which aired on Here TV (a sister company of PRIDE). 

On the show, Amell played Adam, a straight trust fund baby who lived at the hotel. Although the character was recast in the second season, Amell's appearance is still a hot topic for Dante's Cove fans. 

In a 2013 interview on Chelsea Lately, Amell commented on his role, saying, "I was the villain because I was the straight character. I couldn’t do the show the second season, and in the second season my character went from not gay to really, really, really gay."

Too bad he didn't make it to season 2. Maybe he'll make an appearance in season 4 (yes, there's a new season in the works). 

TBH, Amell deserved more screen time on Dante's Cove, but he slayed his scenes and tastefully showed off his enormous — talent.

Here are Stephen Amell's hottest shots from Dante's Cove: 

That time he lubed up for some light reading

Stephen Amell's Gay Stay on Dante's Cove

If that book is on eBay, we call dibs.

When he hung out in a hammock

Stephen Amell's Gay Stay on Dante's Cove

Does Adam own a shirt?

When his derrière debuted

Stephen Amell's Gay Stay on Dante's Cove

He's basically the king of the beach bums.

OK, enough drooling.

You can catch up on season 1, 2, and 3 on Amazon, and if you want another sexy season of Dante's Cove, check out its Kickstarter.

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