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11 Male Models You Should Already Be Following on Instagram

11 Male Models You Should Already Be Following on Instagram

11 Male Models You Should Already Be Following on Instagram

Okay, we'll be the first to admit it — we love when models post #ThirstTraps on their Instagram accounts.

It totally brightens our day whenever a hot guy posts a super gratuitous and totally uncalled for shirtless pic, and while we won't get into all the details about everything we love about half-naked shots on the 'Gram (*cough* abs *cough*), we'll be happy to show all of the drool-worthy guys — in this case, professional models — you should already be following so you can see for yourself. 

1. Max Emerson


A photo posted by Max Emerson (@maxisms) on

Max (who is openly gay) is really hot, but he also has a wicked sense of humor that makes all of his Insta posts amazing. What else do you need in a man?

2. Lucky Blue Smith


A photo posted by Lucky Blue (@luckybsmith) on

Not only is Lucky Blue a hugely successful up-and-comer in the fashion industry, but he also has amassed a huge youth fanbse through his social media profiles, which Details proclaims gives him "more groupies than One Direction."

3. Shaun Ross


A photo posted by Shaun Ross (@shaundross) on

Shaun is known around the world for being the first albino male model, and after being featured in huge-name style rags like Vogue and GQ, and walking for designers like Givenchy and Alexander McQueen, he's already more than halfway to ICONIC status.

4. Garrett Neff

Model-turned-swimwear-designer, Garrett is a force to be reckoned with. We totally wouldn't be surpised if he became fashion's next great designer — but let's see how his swimwear line does first.

5. River Viiperi

River is a superstar in the modeling world — and for good reason. 

6. Chad White

Chad White is like a fine wine — he literally just keeps getting better with age. The All-American model, who just celebrated his 30th birthday earlier this month, is a true man amongst boys, and we'll love seeing him (and his muscles) model for legendary brands like Ralph Lauren for many more years to come.

7. Francisco Lachowski

You can't look in any magazine without seeing Francisco's gorgeous Brazilian face. And we're def not complaining.

8. Aydian Dowling

Okay, we know, technically Aydian isn't a professional male model — yet. There is a campaign to get the dreamy trans activist on the cover of Men's Health, which would make him the first trans man ever to be featured on the famous fitness magazine. Considering how handsome he is, why shouldn't Aydian be a cover model?!

9. Godfrey Gao

Besides his 11 year modeling career, Godfrey has also appeared in the 2013 film adaption of the YA novel The Mortal Insturments: City of Bones, and was also the first Asian man to model for the iconic Louis Vuitton label. *swoons*

10. John Tuite & 11. Carlos Santolalla

When male models and boyfriends John & Carlos were told by their agencies to "tone down" their gayness, they did the opposite and showed the fashion world it's perfectly fine to be just the way you are. And for that, we LOVE them!

Who are some of your fave drool-worthy male models on Instagram? Let us know in the comments and on Twitter, and be sure to keep checking out PRIDE's Style section for more fun, fashion-related posts!

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