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Sara Ramírez divorces Ryan DeBolt

The non-binary actor is starting a new chapter and officially closing an old one.

Pro wrestler 'Dirty Bulk' Bronson has us in a chokehold by coming out as bisexual

The All Elite Wrestling star is celebrating Pride Month by waving the bisexual pride flag!

Bisexual Dave Chappelle attacker sues venue for negligence

Can we really blame him for what he did?

30 inspiring quotes for queer women to live by

Here are some inspirational quotes by queer women who have gone above and beyond to reach their dreams!

11 'Drag Race' stars who proudly identify as bi or pan

We're so grateful these queens get the conversation going.

Experiencing biphobia to Bi-Columnist: Lewis Oakley's Journey

This bisexual dad is combating biphobia one article at a time.

Mel B dishes on her five-year queer romance with Christine Crokos

The Spice Girl shares her experience on loving women romantically.

Why is bisexuality still being erased in today's society?

Why is it so hard for us all just to get along?

Meet the sexy Bisexual Undertaker

He can wrestle us into any position he pleases.

Tom Hiddleston on whether he'll ever play the bi God of Mischief again

The Loki star opened up about the future of this beloved queer character in the MCU.

What is biphobia and why is it such a big problem?

Even within the queer community, this is still such a huge deal.

These two queer athletes dove head first into love and have never been happier

This bi diver and gay swimmer won't let going to different colleges keep them apart!

'90 Day Fiancé's Jasmine Pineda comes out & reveals Nikki Exotika crush

Here’s everything you need to know about Jasmine Pineda’s recent statements on the show.

Anitta fires back at people who call her a 'fake bisexual'

Can people stop being biphobic for two seconds?

10 awkward moments only bisexuals have to deal with

Bisexuality is awesome, but also super awkward at times.

'Couple to Throuple' hosts dish on the sexy & queer new dating show

Shamyra Howard and Scott Evens dish on the messy LGBTQ+ reality show, and what it's like helping people add a third to their relationship.

​8 times Auli'i Cravalho blew us away, let's rank our favorite roles while we wait for 'Moana 2'​

The bisexual actress and singer has been impressing us for years!

20 funny reactions to conservatives angry that Netflix 'turned Alexander the Great gay'

Conservatives are outraged that Netflix is portraying Alexander The Great as bisexual. Who's going to tell them?

22 Sizzling Hot Pics Of Out Star Gymnast Samuel Phillips

Apparently, gymnastics tones muscles we didn't even know existed!