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lauren boebert

Lauren Boebert's 'Biden Crime Family' tweet goes viral as her son is arrested, make it make sense

The level of hypocrisy would be hilarious if Lauren Boebert wasn't the worst!

MAGA devotee MTG clowns Lauren Boebert for bombing in the polls & we're CACKLING over the drama

Marjorie Taylor Greene is going after her fellow Republican and we're just glad we're out of her crosshairs for the moment!

Far-right Rep. Lauren Boebert's ex arrested after the two fought in public

Jayson Boebert was arrested on Tuesday after the former couple had a physical altercation at a restaurant in Colorado.

25 Times Republicans Looked Like Fools And Hypocrites In 2023 While We Cackled

Our hate for the GOP runs deep, but we do appreciate how many laughs they've provided us this year!

Watch Republican Lauren Boebert Admit She's A Loser & Has To Switch Districts To Win

The MAGA darling has been mired in scandals and has to physically move in order to stand a chance at getting reelected.

The MAGA Queen Has Become a Mega Loser And We’re Here For It!

Marjorie Taylor Greene's extremist antics have managed to alienate the entire Republican Party.

‘SNL’s Cold Open Takedown Of Republican Chaos Was Brutal & We're Cackling

Sometimes the skits write themselves.

Morgan McMichaels' 'Padam Padam' Parody Skewers Rightwing Politicians

"Urdumb Urdumb" says exactly what we've all been thinking.

Lauren Boebert Is On Her Hypocrisy BS Again, Her New Man Is A Twist

The Republican got kicked out of play with a surprising companion.

Lauren Boebert Acts Like A Clown & Gets Ejected From ‘Beetlejuice’ Show

Watch the moment security gave the very embarrassing congresswoman the boot.