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28 same-sex couples who don't mind the age gap

Age ain't nothing but a number!

Is 'Fellow Travelers' season 2 in the works? Show creator speaks out.

Showrunner Ron Nyswaner teases that he wants to turn the show into an anthology series!

'Fellow Traveler's Jonathan Bailey Is Dying To Star In A Film About A Real-Life Queer Army

"Oil us up and let's go!" Fellow Travelers co-star Matt Bomer said of the dream project.

​These 20 LGBTQ+ Stars Absolutely Ruled 2023​

As the year draws to a close we're looking back at all of the queer celebs who took 2023 by the horns and refused to let go!

These 20 Celebs Have The Best Booties In The Business According To Science

A new study shows that gay men prefer bigger cheeks! Who could have guessed?

Matt Bomer & Lee Pace Were Roomies — We Want A Sleepover

The Fellow Travelers star revealed this very important information about how long he’s known the Foundation heartthrob.

'Fellow Travelers' And 'All Of Us Strangers' Casts Unite & Send Gay Twitter Into Meltdown

The draw of four handsome men in a single photo is strong.

'Fellow Travelers' Costumer On Bondage Ties & The Hidden Meaning In Jonathan Bailey's Underwear

The series' costume designer on choosing each character's underwear and how he made them last through the vigorous sex scenes.

Matt Bomer Is Your Sophisticated Daddy In The New Todd Snyder  Campaign

Who would say no to more pictures of Matt Bomer?

'Fellow Travelers' Creator Says Matt Bomer & Jonathan Bailey Had Instant Spark

The much-anticipated miniseries premieres tonight!

5 Moments From The 'Fellow Travelers' Trailer That Left Us Shaking

The new series stars Matt Bomer and Jonathan Bailey as they hide their passionate relationship.

'Fellow Travelers' Creator Had 'Rules' For Spicy Scenes On Set

The creator of the upcoming gay romance called the chemistry between the two stars "electric."

5 Things In The 'Fellow Travelers' Trailer That Have Us Hyperventilating

The upcoming Showtime series is going to give us a very steamy history lesson.

‘Fellow Travelers’ Has A Premiere Date & A Steamy New Teaser

Matt Bomer and Jonathan Bailey star as forbidden lovers in this political thriller.

Bradley Cooper Lives A Double Life in ‘Maestro’ Teaser Trailer

The film co-stars Carey Mulligan and Matt Bomer as two of Leonard Bernstein's lovers.

Jonathan Bailey & Matt Bomer Get Steamy In ‘Fellow Travelers’ Teaser

The political thriller promises plenty of intrigue and gay love scenes.

Matt Bomer & Jonathan Bailey To Star As Lovers In Sexy New Mini Series

Check out the teaser trailer for the steamy new political thriller starring two of our favorite gay leading men!

15 Queer Actors We Want to See In Superman's Cape And Tights

Out actor Luke Macfarlane wast told Superman couldn't be played by a gay man. Here are 15 examples of why that's B.S.

Uncoupled Has Been Renewed For Season Two On This Network

The queer comedy was rescued shortly after it was canceled by Netflix.