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project 2025

RNC 2024 Grindr shopping gay cruising hookups republican national convention

The Republican National Convention is the 'Super Bowl' of faceless Grindr hookups — SHOCKER!

The RNC once again delivers an uptick of faceless Grindr profiles

Far-right Heritage Foundation exec threatens gay furry hackers in UNHINGED rant

Conservative Mike Howell went off the deep end when the architects of Project 2025 had their data leaked by hacktivists.

Homosexual gay couple standing together wearing yellow clothes crazy and mad shouting and yelling with aggressive expression and arms raised. frustration concept.
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What is Gay Wrath Month and what's the best way to celebrate?

It's time to let all your wrath be heard, my darlings.

15 HILARIOUS reactions Marjorie Taylor Greene's HUMILIATING Declaration of independence post

This is so embarrassingly dumb we almost feel bad for her... almost.

Are you worried about the future of our country? The Drag PAC is here to help.

These patriotic queens are doing their part to save our future. Here's how you can join the fight.

Taraji P. Henson called out Republicans' Project 2025 — what is it & should queer folks be scared?

If you're not paying attention, now is definitely the time to start.