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ron desantis

Watch a reporter ask Ron DeSantis about the lifts in his shoes while we CACKLE

Are your high heels gender-affirming care, Ron?

Ron DeSantis finally attacks Trump but in the most cowardly possible way and we are CACKLING

The Florida Governor nixed a plan to pay for Trump's legal fees

Ron DeSantis may be out of the race but not before humiliating himself one more time

He ended his failed presidential run exactly how you would have expected: like a clown.

Ron DeSantis just gave up on his failed presidential campaign & we LOVE to see it

To the surprise of absolutely no one, the Florida governor is now endorsing Donald Trump.

​Ron DeSantis flails in presidential debate, accuses Disney of 'trans-ing' kids

DeSantis lashes out at fellow Republican Nikki Haley in a pathetic attempt to sway voters.

​Donald Trump won't be on the Nevada ballot and Democrats are CACKLING

Even though the former president chose to stay off the ballot, we're sure he'll blame Democrats if he loses!

Update: Ron DeSantis’ 8 most hilariously epic fails on the presidential campaign trail

Reveling in the Florida governor's most embarrassing moments is our new favorite past time.

25 Times Republicans Looked Like Fools And Hypocrites In 2023 While We Cackled

Our hate for the GOP runs deep, but we do appreciate how many laughs they've provided us this year!

7 Times LGBTQ+ Republicans Were SHOCKED To Discover The GOP Hates Them, Duh Mary

"I never thought leopards would eat MY face," sobs woman who voted for the Leopards Eating People's Faces Party.

Watch Ron DeSantis Get Heckled So Badly He Falls Apart During A Campaign Speech, While We Laugh

The presidential hopeful gets so flustered by a woman heckling him that he starts stammering during a recent speech.

Disney Omits 'Gay' Lyric From Song During a Florida Theme Park Performance

Is Disney World joining the ”don’t say gay” movement in Florida?

Casey DeSantis May Run For Florida Governor — Because That State Hasn't Been Through Enough?

Ron DeSantis may be bombing his presidential run, but his wife is poised to take over as the leader of The Sunshine State.

Ron DeSantis Can't Stop Lying About 'Muggings' In California, Gets Dunked On By Facts

The "Don't Say Gay" Governor keeps inflating the crime rates in blue states to make himself look better—it's not working.

Ron DeSantis Is Tanking His Own Campaign And It's Glorious To Watch

Not even Donald Trump's criminal indictments can save the 'Don't Say Gay' candidate.

80% of LGBTQ+ People Feel Less Secure Due to Gender-Affirming Care Bans

The laws are aimed primarily at trans youth, but they're negatively affecting all LGBTQ+ Americans, a new study finds.

Ron DeSantis' Latest Eye-Rolling Move: An Investigation Into Bud Light

The conservative outrage over a single trans person drinking beer continues.

'Peaky Blinders' Team Denounces Unhinged Anti-LGBTQ+ Ron DeSantis Ad

The video featured footage from Peaky Blinders, American Psycho, and other media.

LOL! Ron DeSantis's Anti-Drag Ban Blocked Thanks To Hamburger Mary's

It's a temporary measure, but the judge's ruling is a blow to conservatives.

Hamburger Mary’s Is Dragging Ron DeSantis... To Court

The famed LGBTQ+ burger chain is ready to serve some justice with its fries.

Oop! Ron DeSantis's Own Memoir Comes Back To Bite Him In Disney Battle

The two have been at war over Disney's opposition to the "Don't Say Gay" bill last year.