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troye sivan

Leland is entering his sexy era and picking his top songs he's written for Troye Sivan & 'Drag Race'

The songwriter is ready to show some skin and take the next step in his career.

20 LGBTQ+ celebrity breakups that broke our hearts too

We were rooting for these couples!

Manu Ríos shows off his chiseled body & is living his best life

Vacations all over the world, front row seats to Prada, AND dinner with Troye Sivan?

​These 20 LGBTQ+ Stars Absolutely Ruled 2023​

As the year draws to a close we're looking back at all of the queer celebs who took 2023 by the horns and refused to let go!

Fan-Casting Queer Stars To Play Link In 'The Legend Of Zelda' Movie

This is a role for one of the talented twinks out there!

Troye Sivan's Hookups With Straight Guys Inspired 'One Of Your Girls'

Sivan admited to feeling like "this experiment or this last resort."

Troye Sivan & Ross Lynch Are Flirting Back And Forth On TikTok

We're not totally sure what's happening yet, but we're totally here for it either way.

Troye Sivan Dresses In Drag & Lap-Dances On Ross Lynch In Music Video

The pop star looks hot in drag in the music video for "One of Your Girls" off his new album Something To Give Each Other.

Reba McEntire Innocently Asks Troye Sivan About Poppers & We're Cackling

All the gays were screaming when this moment happened on live TV.

Troye Sivan Says Lil Nas X's Inspired Him To Do This Bold Thing

The singer said that as a gay man in pop, he previously felt like he had to "stay in my lane."

Troye Sivan Drops Steamy Photo With Tracklist For New Album

We didn't know we could be even MORE excited for this!!

Troye Sivan's Sexy New Single 'Got Me Started' Just Dropped!

Check out the brand new, super gay pop song from the out singer-songwriter.

These Celebs Are Sharing Steamy Thirst Traps Like Summer Never Ended

These celebs are keeping the temperatures very high on social media!

Troye Sivan Took a Hit of Poppers on Set for His New Album​

The singer certainly felt the "rush" while making this record.

Troye Sivan Shares Teaser For Hot New Single 'Got Me Started'

The 'Rush' singer is using TikTok and sexy photos to advertise his new track.

Troye Sivan Shares The Dating App 'Red Flag' That Makes Him Nervous

Hoping to match with the "Rush" singer on Hinge? Here's what not to do!

'The Idol' Officially Canceled After One Season

After some harsh critiques, HBO is pulling the plug on the provocative show.