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Watch Robert Garcia blast Donald Trump with iconic 'RHOSLC' quote

Receipts! Proof! Timeline! Screenshots!

Watch the adorable moment this mom explains what gay is to her curious 4-year-old — we're SOBBING

“It’s kind of like the color of your eyes or the color of your skin,” she said. “It’s just how you were born.”

Watch this viral TikTok that proves sometimes straight people can make your day better not worse

In a viral TikTok, gay photographer David Frazier said of a woman he met, "You uplifted me in a way that I didn't know I needed, and it made me feel amazing."

30 Senate Hearing Room Gay Sex Tape Jokes That Have Us Howling

That leaked sex tape is the comedy gift that keeps giving.

Watch This Christian TikToker Attempt An LGBTQ+ Gotcha & Get Hilariously Trolled Instead

Now THIS is how you shut down trolls IRL! Gurl you TRIED IT!

Watch This Heartwarming Holiday Video That Has Social Media In Meltdown & Try Not To Cry

This viral video will have you tearing up!

Watch This Texas Democrat Leave Republicans Speechless When He Uses The Bible Against Them

“I guess what I’m trying to figure out is why is having a rainbow in a classroom is indoctrination and not having the Ten Commandments in a classroom,” Texas State Rep. James Talarico argued in a now viral video.

Keke Palmer Got Shamed By Her Boyfriend & Clapped Back Like A Qween

Don’t come for Keke unless she sends for you.

Taylor Swift Fan Dons Clever Disguise After Skipping Work To Snag Merch

"It's me, hi, I'm the problem, it's me."

'Scream VI' Cast's Impromptu Car Sing-Along Has Fans Obsessed

We could all use a little more "Pretty Girl Rock" in our lives.

American Idol Contestant Sings To Grandfather Who Just Came Out As Gay

It's never too late to be true to yourself!

Sam Smith Was Viciously Heckled By Bigot In NYC

The new moral panic targeting LGBTQ+ people is here.