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WATCH: MTV's Real World to Feature Lesbian Couple - For Better or Worse...

WATCH: MTV's Real World to Feature Lesbian Couple - For Better or Worse...

WATCH: MTV's Real World to Feature Lesbian Couple - For Better or Worse...

Watch lesbian couple Arielle and Ashley C. reunite on Real World: Ex-Plosion starting January 15.

MTV’s REAL WORLD: EX-PLOSION has finally come full circle in order to rediscover San Francisco after calling the city home to it’s third season almost 20 years ago. However, when the 29th season premieres on January 15, the cast will finally feature it’s first lesbian couple. Well, former couple we should say.

The new series, keen on exploiting the housemate’s former relationships, is a first for the franchise, and a departure from the typical Real World format. All orchestrtated for the twisted pleasure of young viewers across the county, things take a dramatic turn several weeks in when the original roommates are joined by their former flames.

The new living arrangement promises to throw a wrench into the cast’s lives as jealousy, scandal, fights, hookups, breakups, makeups, and otherwise endless drama is carefully orchestrated by the show’s producers. And in the midst of it all, America finally gets a glimpse of what your average lesbian relationship (that's sarcasm) looks like, as former lovers Arielle and Ashley C. are pumped full of alcohol and unleashed on the world in what’s set to be the best lesbian drama on TV ever since ever.

As the Arielle Real World story goes, she grew up in Bay Area foster care, eventually completed her degree at UC Berkeley and went on to get her hands in a little bit of everything from filmmaking to modeling. Apparently, she's got commitment issues and refuses to maintain a steady relationship, especially with her ex-girlfriend Ashley. But luckily for her (and mostly for us) Ashley does not mind adding a third party to their sexual soiree, leaving the door open to a season’s worth of drama. 

Ashley C., of course has chosen the Real World as the perfect opportunity to get the love of her life back. Whether she's seen any of the last 28 seasons to think this is a great idea, is still unclear. However, who can forget the age old adage, “29th time’s the charm.”  Arielle and Ashley only broke up "numerous" times due to dishonesty and betrayal, making room for their rocky relationship to play out harmoniously when Ashley crashes the house in search of the commitment she's been searching for.

To watch Arielle and Ashley represent lesbianism to America, catch MTV's Real World Ex-Plosion January 15 at 10 P.M. ET/PST.

And if you just can't wait, watch the Season 29 Trailer below:





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