American Horror Story: Coven Recap - To Hell with Everyone 

American Horror Story: Coven Recap - To Hell with Everyone 
Rebekah Allen

The end is nigh, eager viewers, but there is still more horror to be had this week in everyone’s favorite Coven. We kick off with an explanation of the Seven Wonder as explained in classic silent movie form. What are the Seven Wonders you may ask? The vague definition is, “Seven acts of magic so advanced, each pushes the boundaries of craft into art.” Okay, great, but what are they specifically, silently movie title cards? 1) Telekinesis 2) Concilium (“control of the mind”) 3) Transmutation 4) Divination 5) Vitalum Vitalis (“the balancing of scales between one life force and another”) 6) Descensum (“A perilous descent into the nether worlds of the afterlife”) and 7th but not least) Pyrokinesis. Now usually I don’t love these little gags American Horror Story tends to indulge in, but the silent movie thing is a cute, effective way to give us a ton of definitions without having the characters engage in lots of forced dialogue.

But not before too long Fiona comes in with some forced dialogue about how performing the Seven Wonders could be super deadly. Queenie knows the biggest danger comes from Fiona killing the next Supreme once the Wonders reveals her, and they get into a tiff involving Marie’s disappearance that ends in Fiona mentally strangling Queenie (as per usual). Fiona declares that on Saturday the girls will perform the Seven Wonders or die trying. There’s so few of them left and most of them have already died, so this is so hardly climactic.

Cordelia is back to being super blind (and super disturbing-looking), and keeps trying to touch Madison to learn her dirty, mystical secrets (i.e. burying Misty Day). Madison at first keeps transmutating away from her, but when Cordelia finally touches her she sees nothing at all.

Queenie goes on a magical quest to find Marie, but somehow ends up splitting herself in two and going back in time to her days working at the fast food restaurant. Papa Legba joins the party and explains that the chicken shack is literally Queenie’s personal Hell. 

She’s able to escape back to the only kinda-Hell that is Miss Robichaux’s, and Papa Legba, impressed by her powers, is there as well. He’s so impressed he announces he’ll help her save Marie, who is currently getting tortured by Delphine. Over tea, Legba and Queenie plot how to save Marie and destroy Delphine using the loophole of Marie not being able to fulfill her deal with Legba if she’s chopped up all over Louisiana. Cheers! Now end tie up these loose ends and wrap this season up!


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