American Horror Story: Coven Finale Recap: America’s Next Top Supreme

Rebekah Allen

It’s the end of days here at Miss Robichaux’s. With half of our main characters having bit the dust last week, we are left with the young, up-and-coming Supreme candidates as they embark on their completion of the Seven Wonders. They first prepare for these tasks privately while Stevie Nicks twirls around the house singing “Seven Wonders,” because this is Coven and it must be as ridiculous as possible.

My room mate who had never seen the show before described it as some strange 80s music video. I asserted an 80s music video would probably have a plot that makes more sense then this entire season. 

Anyway, whoever completes all Seven Wonders successfully without dying will be the next Supreme since Fiona was too narcissistic/murder-y to designate one before she was axe murdered. Too bad Death by Vagina isn’t a Wonder. Zoe would have had this one in the bag.

The first wonder is telekinesis. The girls must summon a candlestick into their hand and blow out the flame, which all of them do with ease. 

The “Descent into the Netherworld” is the second task; the girls must visit their own personal Hell and then escape on their own before the hourglass runs out.

Queenie returns first from her Fast Food Worker level of Hell.

Madison returns next with an example of why this show’s absurdity often kills its ability to be affecting or engaging. Madison’s “Personal Hell” was apparently being on a TV version of Sound of Music, and worse yet as Liesl and not Maria. Remember, Madison started out as a troubled celebrity who was both raped and murdered and this is her Hell? The writers reduced what could have been a revealing moment into a *wink wink, nudge nudge* inside joke at the audience. What a waste of a layered character and anything more for Emma Roberts to do than throw out a snarky, referential retort every time she has a line. She’s not a bad actress, but she was reduced to whiny bitchiness and little more.


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