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Olivia: 10 Expert Travelers Tell All

Olivia: 10 Expert Travelers Tell All

Olivia: 10 Expert Travelers Tell All

Thinking about going on your first Olivia trip? These expert Olivia travelers get you ready for the fun!


Have you ever dreamed of sailing the high seas? Or sunbathing on a tropical, white sand beach with a cocktail in hand? How much better would it be if your trip was exclusively for hundreds of lesbians? Those who've traveled with Olivia share why you'll never want to go back to any other sort of vacation experience. 

For first-time Olivians and veterans alike, Olivia Travel does lesbian vacations like no other. Whether it's your honeymoon, your time to commune with nature, or time to party on the Lido deck with your brand new besties, Olivia can take you where you want to go (in more ways than one). 

We brought together these 10 Olivia aficionados to share unexpected things they learned from their Olivia vacations.

1) Olivia Cruisers Are Your Second FamilyDana Goldberg

“I've learned that family isn't always blood related, it's the friends I've met over the years working with Olivia. (And trust me, I never drink this much with my family.)”

2) Olivia Is For Meeting Women From Around the World - Judy Weider

“Olivia is a remarkable experience for any woman. Because I went as the editor in chief of The Advocate, I actually wound up learning a great deal about the average lesbian in America. I got to meet lesbians I would never meet in Los Angeles or New York. Women who were deep in the closet, who would come up to me quietly and explain what their lives were like in the small cities and towns where they had to be very cautious or they would lose their jobs or their children. I met women who had forged good friendships with other women aboard Olivia, women that they only saw once or twice a year when they took the Olivia cruises. They looked forward to meeting up with them all year long.”

3) Lesbians Love to Be on Top! - Dana Goldberg

“I've learned over the years that lesbians are incredibly competitive with any kind of athletic activity, even when they aren't getting paid. They like to be on top…  I mean win.”


4) Embrace Your Inner and Outer Billie Jean King! - Sue Linsley

“My partner and I were fortunate enough to win a cruise with Olivia to Mexico several years ago. It was a 'Women in Sports' cruise and Billie Jean King, Diana Nyad, and several others were aboard. People have told me for years that I looked like Ms. King. We bought her book and stood in line for her to autograph it. When we finally reached her, I told her about what people said about our resemblance. She looked up at me and said jokingly, ‘Here you sign, I'm tired!'" 

5) Honeymoons Are for Adventure! - Leah Meisterling & Lucia Boccaccio

"We had the privilege to spend our honeymoon on the Ireland and Scotland British Isles cruise with Olivia Travel in July, 2013. We learned that a honeymoon doesn't have to be spent sitting on a beach.  A honeymoon can be an adventure where the couple experiences new things together."



6) Glaciers Are Worth the Wait - Dana Goldberg

“I've learned that lesbians will stand in the freezing cold for hours in the hopes of seeing a whale or a glacier (and trust me, it was worth it).”


7) Sunscreen Is a Must - Sandra Valls

"I've learned to wear lots of sunscreen because even I can't resist the beautiful ocean paradise they travel to."

8) Olivia Cruises Are For Handholding - Connie Kurtew

“I had never been on a cruise and honestly never wanted to go. It just did not sound appealing to me. But, I was wrong. I loved it. I loved that there were lesbians everywhere. We could walk hand in hand all the time, everywhere on the boat, nobody looked at you in a weird way or anything negative at all."


9) The Wobble! - Gloria Bigelow 

"I learned how to wobble at Olivia... not the kind of wobble that comes from drinking too much or from lack of sleep. I’m talking about the dance! DJ Rockaway played it one night and it immediately became my very favorite hustle. I'm still wobbling, and every time I hear it I think back to that trip. Wobble baby wobble baby wobble baby wobble!"

10) Olivia is NOT Just Cruises – Jana Leal

“Olivia is not just cruises! I love their vacation resorts and find them more laid back and relaxing. There are also plenty of daily activities planned so you're never bored. And going out on excursions you don't need to worry about missing the ship…the resort will still be there when you get back! I find the rooms to be much larger than on ships, and one great perk is that beverages (water, soda, alcohol, beer) are included so no bill at the end of the vacation!”

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