Fish Tank Is the Heartfelt, Hilarious Trans Comedy We've Been Waiting For

Brendan Haley

William Shakespeare once famously wrote, "Journeys end in lovers meeting." That's an extraordinary thought evoked from such iconic, and romantic, poetry—but we can easily assume that the bard never experienced the trials and tribulations of being a single trans woman dating in Los Angeles, the setting for director Brandon Smithson's upcoming comedy mini-series Fish Tank.

Delving into the "awkward dating lives of two trans women," Fish Tank follows stars Arisce Wanzer and Isis King as they date their way across a spectrum of potential matches ranging from the charming to the frightening. 


While Wanzer, the dramatically gorgeous and sharp-witted force of nature, takes in and spits out more gentlemen callers than Mae West, the YouTube famous Isis struggles to search for the man of her dreams. As can be expected, hilarity ensues, and this dynamic makes for some seriously delicious entertainment. (The series also features names like Robert Sepúlveda Jr., Laith Ashley, and TS Madison.)

The world finally has comedy/RomCom starring two fierce trans ladies, featuring narratives for transgender people! We salute your groundbreaking work Arisce, Isis, and Brandon!

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