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So Are 'Sabrina' Co-Stars Gavin Leatherwood & Luke Cook Dating??

So Are 'Sabrina' Co-Stars Gavin Leatherwood & Luke Cook Dating??

So Are 'Sabrina' Co-Stars Gavin Leatherwood & Luke Cook Dating??

WTF is going on in here on this day?!?


Wait a minute, are Chilling Adventures of Sabrina co-stars Gavin Leatherwood and Luke Cook actually dating each other?!?!

Welp, if you saw Gavin's Twitter feed recently, you might believe so...

"Just to make it abundantly clear...@lukecoook and I are and have been dating for over a year now," the actor, who plays CAOS' villainous wizard Nicholas Scratch, captioned a picture he shared on Twitter where he can be seen laying beside his shirtless friend. "Here’s a pic the morning after a night of vigorous love making."

Not to be outdone, Luke (who plays Lucifer on Sabrina) shared the same shirtless, "post-love making" pic on his Instagram account with a caption of his own, but this time, denying the dating rumors. 

"These rumors are getting OUT OF HAND!" he said, wrangling another CAOS co-star, Sam Corlett, into this weirdly hilarious love-triangle. "Someone photoshopped me into this post-coital picture of @gavinleatherwood and @samcorlett me and Gavin are NOT dating! ughhh."

While this all obviously just a joke (Gay Times points out that Luke is currently engaged to a woman), that didn't stop some stans—who have been shipping the two together for a while now—from having the time of their lives in the comments: 

For now, this just looks like another classic case of queer-baiting. Oh well...a girl can still dream/ship, right?!?!

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