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13 Reasons to Let AHS: Coven Cast A Spell on You - in GIFs

13 Reasons to Let AHS: Coven Cast A Spell on You -- in GIFs

13 Reasons to Let AHS: Coven Cast A Spell on You -- in GIFs

American Horror Story: Coven is filled to the brim with reasons to watch: sex, voodoo and plenty of girl power. Here are 13 compelling reasons in .gif form that will convince you to join the coven.

It's Wednesday, witches, and that means American Horror Story: Coven is on tonight. Here are 13 .gifs that explain why American Horror Story: Coven is easily the best season yet of Ryan Murphy's FX TV series. The cast is the most female-centric yet and each lady offers her own unique brand of charm.

Jessica Lange leads the cast as the New Orleans coven's Supreme, Fiona Goode. Her authority is challenged by Angela Bassett's Marie Laveau, a voodo high priestess hellbent on revenge. Kathy Bates is Madame Delphine LaLaurie, an immortal New Orleans woman with a bloody past. Taissa Farmiga (Zoe Benson), Emma Roberts (Madison Montgomery), Gabourey Sidibe (Queenie), Jamie Brewer (Nan), Lily Rabe (Misty Day), and Sarah Paulson (Cordelia Foxx) complete the lineup.

You won't find any wands or cute rhyming spells in AHS: Coven. Instead, these ladies embrace the dark side of witchcraft. If you haven't started watching yet, scroll down. Burning at the stake or not, witches are so hot for fall.


1. LaLaurie serves up some down-home Southern advice. Who can resist words of wisdom from a stone-cold killer?


2. Marie Laveau: Kicking ass and taking names, one ritual at a time.

3. LaLaurie's debutante daughters would make even the sauciest Southern belle blush.

4. All hail Queenie, lest you be eaten.

5. Madison's unapologetic attitude. Let's be real. She's not sorry.

6. Misty singing Fleetwood Mac's "Sara" to Zoe in a tender moment.

7. Misty finding solace through the music of Stevie Nicks; Misty is one of the few sources of kindness in AHS: Coven.

8. Fiona Goode is the HWIC and she knows it.

9. The witches take "girl power" to another level.

10. Zoe finally making herself useful by whipping out a chainsaw to deal with some voodoo zombies.



11. When Madison makes this "come hither" gesture, all bets are off.



12. Cordelia might seem mild-mannered but her sex is literally on fire.



12. Madison constantly tests the limits of the older witches.


13. And of course, gotta love J. Lange's classic style.

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