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Lost Girl Recap 4.6 - Death Arias and Dark Alliances 

Lost Girl Recap 4.6 - Death Arias and Dark Alliances

Lost Girl Recap 4.6 - Death Arias and Dark Alliances

We were on a break at the holidays so we're just catching up with Lost Girl -- and you can too!

Hi guys!  How have your holidays been?  Mine briefly exhausted my recapping resources but I'm excited to be back with you to cover what's been happening in this weird little world of fae!

Of All the Gin Joints opens with an opera singer dressed in a variation of Bjőrk's swan dress singing to a lone patron who enthusiastically applauds her performance.  Bjőrk seems less than thrilled by his encouragement and as she is taken off stage by another man she does some sort of fae magic (I guess?  It's fairly unclear) that debilitates him as she makes a run for it.  He attempts to stop her with a high pitched dog whistle which briefly knocks her to her knees but ultimately she makes her escape.

At the Dal, Kenzi reads an adorable teen-speak note from Tamsin saying the valkyrie has left on a journey of YOLO-filled self discovery while Bo wonders about her mysterious sponsor of her application to the dark.  It's actually a really sweet moment with the pair not listening at all to each other but both feeling better for their conversation.  One day I will have a bestie like Kenzi or Bo.  I'm really not sure which one I want to be in this relationship but I know I want it.

The BFF love in is cut short when Bjőrk stumbles in and the girls jump to the rescue.  Kenzi translates Bjőrk's Russian (you will never understand how disappointed I was that she didn't speak Icelandic but know that it is enough for me to start using the character's actual name, Ianka) which is variations on excitement at having found Bo, who she says told her to come.  Bo is succu-fused by this statement as she has no memory of Ianka which is weird since in my experience attractive Russian opera singers tend to stick in your mind.

After the opening credits Trick is tending to Ianka, who he says is an alcanist – a bird fae whose songs evoke powerful memories in those who listen.  Bo is eager to spend some time with Ianka but Trick is concerned for her health as her songs and running in the cold can be as detrimental to her own health as her listeners.

Everything that has happened so far in this show, and my life, becomes rapidly irrelevant when we find ourselves at Lauren's apartment where the doctor is having a packing dance party.  Her booty-shaking is also appreciated by Evony who has rocked up with beer and pizza to join the fun.  Lauren is understandably disturbed by the leader of the dark's offer to help move and her choice of snacks, which are the same as she brought for her night with Crystal (remember Crystal you guys?).  Evony laments Lauren's geeky Star Trek monologue and offers her some worn-looking old books.  I really hope they're her old diaries and this is her way of telling Lauren she wants to be the very best of friends.  The doctor looks very serious so I'm pleased that she's treating the Morrigan's deepest secrets with appropriate respect.

Bo returns to the bar to find Dyson has come home to somberly inform her that Lauren is getting down with her dark self.  Oh Dyson, it's cute how far behind you are.  Bo informs him of her own shiny new alliance and is ready for some sexytimes but Dyson informs her that it's no longer okay now that they're on different sides.  Like any human or fae person faced with Bo, he immediately relents and the two retreat to the barrel room for a little bondage with Dyson's belt.  Fortunately for my eyeballs Trick interrupts and grandpa is not impressed.  He reiterates that light and dark are really not supposed to be getting it on, even in his place of sanctuary but Bo doesn't care and looks to just keep going with him right there.  She can be such a succubus sometimes!  Trick eventually gets her attention with the news that Ianka is awake and Bo heads off to question the singer.

Ianka greets Bo with an enthusiastic hug and recounts a tale of Bo inspiring her to escape her captors.  Bo has no memory of this event until Ianka begins to sing and she flashes back to the train of death and the white dress of cleavage from the start of the season.  Ianka refuses to sing any more until Bo provides the freedom she seeks.  When Bo turns all blue-eyed monster, Ianka claims she is like all the others who had offered her the world but just wanted her for themselves.  When Bo still claims no memory Ianka suddenly recalls that past-Bo had said she would forget and present-Bo should check the handle of her knife.  There is conveniently stored a note in succubus-hand declaring that she would sing for Bo in exchange for freedom.  So I guess that is a thing.

Before they can further investigate this discovery Ianka's patron Bamber appears loudly declaring that he needs her back as she's been in his family for generations.  When Bo tries to trick him into believing the singer already gone he pulls out his handy fae-tracking app which attaches to a necklace chip and also has the feature of strangling if he's unhappy.  Bo convinces him Ianka should at least be allowed to sing for a crowd at the audience and restore her health and with a few parting gripes about the bar's hygiene they begin to prepare for the performance.

It turns out I wasn't too far off about Lauren receiving diaries from Evony, only instead of being the Morrigan's own musings these are from Charles Mayo, Albert Einstein and Marie Curie.  Just some stuff she had lying around.  She promises Lauren access to hundreds more in her archives of darkness which may be even more guaranteed to turn the doctor on than beer and pizza.  A little healthy debate over the use of humans in medical experimentation gets them a little off-track but with a little beer and eye contact she tentatively considers the offer.

Kenzi is preparing the mirror ball for the evening's aria at the Dal since everyone knows that's the most important decoration for any opera.  Trick attempts to warn her of the dangers of hearing the song with human ears but like everyone else in this show Kenzi ignores him.  She immediately gets some karmic retribution for that when her new beau Hale enters and completely ignores her to catch up with his old friend Ianka.  Cue Kenzi sad face and my tears.

Like any good best friend Bo half-listens to Kenzi complaining about how Ianka is the worst but really her mind is on what will happen when the diva sings.  The aria begins and Bo flashes back to the train, where she finds a crown with “Isabeau” engraved in it.  Another potential suitor Marcus interrupts by announcing that he has rigged Ianka's necklace to explode on his trigger.  Ianka swoons in a suitably operatic manner and Bo convinces both Marcus and her original owner (who I've learned is a Barakian, which perhaps means something?) to let her rest and regain her strength.

Bo and Trick take the opportunity to examine Ianka's necklace and Trick determines that the only antidote to her jewels exploding is liquid volcanic argon.  Luckily Bo knows just the fae-affiliated human doctor to fetch this from and sends Kenzi on a mission.

After one drink of Evony's dark fae redneck beer (and it's 25% alcohol content) Lauren is tipsy enough to perform her own Star Trek Captain's logs for the Morrigan.  It's every bit as adorable as you're imagining and the only person that disagrees is Kenzi who seems less than thrilled with the mini-party she's stumbled into.  Lauren fetches some liquid volcanic argon from her liquid volcanic argon fridge while Kenzi gives the weakest cover story ever about some home brew.  She concedes that Bo misses Lauren and mentions the clear Atlantian quartz in Ianka's necklace, which Lauren comments on only to Kenzi.

Bo confronts Marcus and calls him weak for keeping a bar full of hostages.  The waking Ianka looks a little perturbed by her willingness to enrage the man with her boom trigger.  When Bo returns upstairs Dyson has rigged Bamber's transmitter to allow them to listen in and they overhear Marcus deciding to blow the quartz.  As everyone in the bar ducks and covers, Kenzi adorably crawls in and explains that the necklace didn't explode because there's no fire in the quartz any more.  Typical fae charlatans trying to sell exhausted volcanic explosives.

In the aftermath of the false alarm Dyson realizes that Ianka and Marcus have fled and with a little Bamber chi-sucking Bo learns that the missing pair are in cahoots.  Bamber explains that Marcus is a radical with a yen for Barakian pain.  A little wolf-on-succubus flirting and Bo works out that Ianka and Marcus are in love and planning for Ianka to sing a death note that will kill the Barakians.  It's like a more audible version of the manga series, especially now that Marcus has a transmitter that will broadcast the note far and wide. 

At the Barakian estate Bo and Kenzi (who insisted on participating since Hale was in danger) confront Ianka and Marcus and Bo tells the singer to keep her lips sealed where death notes are concerned.  Ianka claims that she and Marcus are in love and just want to be together in peace and harmony but when she asks said lover for confirmation things become a bit awkward.  Ianka refuses to kill the Bambers and Marcus pulls the old bird-fae whistle trick to subdue her.  Fortunately my favorite lame super power, Hale's siren song, comes to the rescue with some sonic ass-whooping of its own. 

Marcus pulls a gun on Hale, Bo and Ianka and demands a death note.  Unsurprisingly Ianka grants that request with a special song just for him.  With Marcus dead Bo catches the collapsing singer (seriously, this girl can collapse with the grace of any consumptive theater damsel) who informs her that singing the death note in her weakened state also spells death for her.  They share a sweet moment where Ianka declares Bo her motivation for wanting to be free as she had heard tales of the mythical unaligned succubus during her captivity.  I'd be willing to bet there's more than a few prisoners out there that would like Bo as their pin up girl.

Hale shows off his fae gentry ways by taking his own damsel in distress to a park bench to recover from her human ear drums' proximity to the aural assault.  I can't even be mad at him for this because these two are the absolute cutest.  Despite Hale's denials of the song's effects on him he finds that his ear is bleeding.  These old school sirens just don't understand young people these days and their death opera.

Once she returns home Bo opens the transmitter for a trip down forgotten memory lane and flashes back to see an ominous ghostly handprint marking her upper chest.

Back at the light fae apartment of dark leaders and human allegiance-hoppers Evony and Lauren continue to flirt and the Morrigan hands Lauren the key to the dark fae lab despite the doctor's protestations of independence.  Lauren thanks her the best way she knows how and Evony claims that she can taste Lauren's darkness. 

As soon as Evony leaves Lauren peels some sort of clear film off her lips and places it in a petri dish.  I'm a little confused as to whether she guessed Evony would come for a moving day party and make out session or if she just wears this film in case she hooks up with someone she then wants to do science on?  Either way, she raises a cryptic toast to “it beginning.”

Bo and Dyson work through their issues in their usual naked manner and while the wolf wants things a little more gentle Bo is not going to be told what to do.  She freaks out about her unknown month-long adventure and wonders why train-Bo would join the dark and what kind of plan she was hatching.  Her Wanderer fingerprint begins to burn and glow right as the Una Mens appear to arrest Dyson for breaking their rules.  A whole lot of snarling ensues and the episode ends.

Next week: It's time for a trip down Dyson's memory lane.  With a few familiar faces and a little role-playing weirdness!

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