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Who Are the Female Celebs Who Came Out Since the Last National Coming Out Day?

Who Are the Female Celebs Who Came Out Since the Last National Coming Out Day?

Who Are the Female Celebs Who Came Out Since the Last National Coming Out Day?

In honor of National Coming Out Day, we're taking a #TBL (throwback lesbian) look at this past year.


Happy National Coming Out Day, everyone! Yes, in case you didn't know, it is literally National Coming Out Day, so grab a rainbow cupcake and shout your sexuality from the mountain tops! (Or don't, waiting until you're comfortable is important too!) It's been a great year since last National Coming Day, and we've decided there's no better way to ring in a new, prideful cycle than by celebrating some of our favorite celebrities who came out within the last 365 days. Here's to another wonderfully queer year!


Ellen Page: When Ellen Page came out at an HRC conference in February of this year, the world was basically rocked. The headline dominated social media, most people showered her in loving support and now, well, she's the exact same awesome, award-winning actress she's always been and we couldn't adore her more. Even better, Ellen's got plenty of new and exciting projects lined up, so we know we'll soon be seeing a lot more of our favorite pint-sized Canadian!

Maria Bello: Maria Bello had already been in a prominent name on our radar for awhile before she came out in December of 2013, but she's since risen to the top. Seriously, if you haven't read her essay in the New York Times beautifully detailing how her 12-year-old son encouraged her to be open about her relationship with her female best friend, you should stop everything and do that right now. It'll bring tears to your eyes in the best kind of way.

Robin Roberts: Robin Roberts has been a friendly, familiar face on our television screens for decades. She was a sportscaster on ESPN for 15 years, co-anchors on Good Morning America, and even guest-starred on an episode of Hannah Montana, so you know she made it big. Over the last few years, however, early stage breast cancer and a bone marrow disease forced Robin to take a break from work and seek treatment. Her recovery has been powerfully inspiring, and in December of 2013 she took to Facebook to thank her entire family and "long time girlfriend Amber" for their support. Though she was already out to friends and family, this was the first time Robin spoke publicly about her relationship. We love you, Robin!

Monica Raymund: When Monica Raymund (Dana Lodge on The Good Wife and Gabriela Dawson on Chicago Fire) tweeted that she's bisexual in support of a video protesting Russia's anti-gay legislation, it was accompanied by the hashtag #10YearsOut&Proud. And while everyone is certainly welcome to their privacy, we're glad she decided to tweet her pride to the world. Sadly, our reasons to watch Chicago Fire just aren't what they used to be, but we may tune in every once in a while to catch Monica in action.

Shailene Woodley: Shailene Woodley had quite the year playing just about every iconic young adult role Hollywood had to offer. Amusingly, a rather extensive amount of her spotlight was spent educating the world on earthy medicines and a back-to-nature lifestyle, but she also took some time to share her thoughts on love. "I fall in love with human beings based on who they are, not based on what they do or what sex they are," Shailene shared in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. We don't always agree with Shailene's radical life choices, but this is one that just might bring us to see what ever Divergent/Insurgent/Detergent movie she makes next.

Emily Rios: After Emily Rios crushed our souls as one of Breaking Bad's most likeable/tolerable characters, we were thrilled to see her return to TV in the FX series The Bridge. We were even more thrilled when her character Adriana turned out to be a lesbian (a choice that was made only after she was cast), and as you can imagine, we were exceptionally thrilled when Emily came out as a lesbian herself. If you were looking for a new show to watch and a new actress to adore, you're welcome!

MK Nobilette: We thought we'd had enough of American Idol...and then MK Nobilette came along. While after thirteen seasons American Idol has certainly had plenty of LGBT contestants, MK marks the first time a contestant came out on the actual show itself. She quickly won our love and our votes, and even though she finished tenth in her season (which is still definitely pretty damn good), we're super excited to see what she does next. Consider our CDs pre-ordered.

Djuan Trent: Last Febuary, Miss Kentucky 2010 and Top Ten Miss America Contestant 2011 Djuan Trent became the first national pageant contestant to come out as queer. In this lengthy, deeply personal blog post, Djuan lets us essentially read her every thought leading up to this moment and leaves us truly inspired.

America should be proud to have Djuan Trent standing up to represent it, and her soaring influence looks to only effect more positivity in the future!

Happy National Coming Out Day!

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