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5 Reasons You HAVE to Catch Up On The Good Wife!

5 Reasons You Have to Catch Up On The Good Wife!

5 Reasons You Have to Catch Up On The Good Wife!

The best drama on network TV is going through a creative renaissance -- and in its fifth season, no less.

We've heard over and over that TV is in a golden age, and it's hard to argue the opposite. Shows like Mad Men, Breaking Bad, House of Cards and more have brought an ambitious, cinematic sensibility to the small screen, and the medium is all the better for it.

But too often left out of that conversation is what a great period this is for great shows about and for women. Yes, many of the best are male-dominated. But look beyond the angry male antiheroes and you can find plenty of new or still developing shows to get excited about. Lena Dunham's ambitious, truly original work both in front of and behind the camera on Girls. Kerry Washington's powerful yet flawed fixer on Scandal.

But the show that's really got us excited about women in TV isn't new. Now in its fifth season, The Good Wife has never looked better. Between a fearlessness in the writers' room about discarding the status quo, to incredibly strong performances by both the men and women in the cast, there's so much to love about CBS' legal drama. Currently on a short hiatus until April 20, after a shocking twist that -- well, we won't spoil it for you -- now's the time to get yourself caught up on all there is to love about The Good Wife.

5. The Gorgeous, Talented Ensemble Just look at those beautiful people! The cast, including veteran performers like Chris Noth and Alan Cumming, is always dressed to the nines and oozes sex appeal -- and at all ages! Where else on TV can you find men and women from mid-30s to their 60s shown as fully fleshed-out characters who, yes, are indeed sexy? Better yet, where will you find that on network TV? Best of all, they're all gifted, their characters incredibly lived-in after five years. The Good Wife's cast is a beautiful anomaly: eye candy that doesn't feel like empty carbs.

4. Sensational Christine Baranski There are so many standout members of the ensemble, but we have a special place in our heart for the divine Diane Lockhart, played by Christine Baranski. A powerful, proudly liberal woman at the top of her game, Diane routinely hands opposing counsels' asses to them and keeps her firm afloat. She manages to be a professional powerhouse all while engaging in a sizzling but complicated courtship with a sexy Republican, Kurt McVeigh (Gary Cole). Hollywood can often make us feel like life after 60 is only reserved for Meryl Streep and Judi Dench, but Diane -- and the Emmy-worthy Baranski -- convince us that the grass is arguably greener on that side.

3. A Writing Team Willing to Take Creative Risks As mentioned, the writers behind The Good Wife don't know the meaning of "pulling punches." Major characters switch allegiances, find themselves in tight spots and change the status quo on a regular basis. Yet none of it feels inorganic. This is no Scandal -- you won't get whiplash from all the crazy plot twists. Executive producers (and husband and wife) Robert and Michelle King are all about the slow burn, and it feels great all the way.

2. Flawless Julianna Margulies As the titular Good Wife, Julianna Margulies could have played Alicia Florrick, the spurned wife of philandering husband Peter (Chris Noth), as too wounded or pitiful. That version of this show might've lasted two seasons, at best. But Margulies chose to make Alicia a woman warrior wronged and doing all she could to make it right for her family. As a woman building new friendships and working for the first time in 15 years, Alicia is immediately sympathetic. Bravo to Margulies for fearlessly exploring both the good and bad in Alicia. She's won an Emmy and a Golden Globe for her portrayal already, but we want her to win all the awards.

1. Kalinda! Of course, no list about The Good Wife would be complete without heralding its sexiest, most secretive character: Kalinda Sharma, played by the Emmy-winning Archie Panjabi. Clad in leather and lies, Kalinda slinks around with a loaded gun and sexy knee-high boots. As the central firm's lead investigator, she's the one who solves and wins the cases -- far more than the attorneys who make more than her, a fact she's quick to remind them of. She's intense, sexually flexible (with about the same number of female love interests as male) and the consummate professional. Kalinda's not a fuzzy character; she's quite aloof and mysterious, which makes us love her all the more. As she once famously responded when someone asked who she was, she's just "Kalinda." We wouldn't have her any other way.

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