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In Honor of Allison Williams, We Fancast Our Ultimate Version of NBC's Peter Pan Live!

In Honor of Allison Williams, We Fancast Our Ultimate Version of NBC's Peter Pan Live!

In Honor of Allison Williams, We Fancast Our Ultimate Version of NBC's Peter Pan Live!

Here's who would be joining Allison Williams as Peter Pan and Christopher Walken as Hook if we had our way!


Last year, NBC began an annual celebration of live musical theater with a full production of The Sound of Music Live This year, it's continuing the trend with timeless classic Peter Pan, and the casting has been anything but expected. Earlier in the month, Christopher Walken was annonced to be taking the role of Hook, and on Wednesday, it was ever-so-randomly announced that Girls star Allison Williams would be flying onto our screens as Peter himself. With a cast list like this it's safe to say anything goes, so with a little luck (and a bit of fairy dust) it could be that our fantasy cast may not be so never-never possible after all!

1. Kate McKinnon as Mrs. Darling: Who better, really, to lead the Darling clan than Kate McKinnon? No stranger to comedy, she'd be able to make this small role memorable and have us in stitches from the moment the curtain rises. This is also probably our most realistic fancast on this entire list so NBC, listen up!


2. Sarah Paulson as Mr(s.) Darling: It's 2014, people. The Darling family is getting a progressive tune up this time with Sarah Paulson starring as the other Mrs. Darling. It's a cameo role, so she could still film American Horror Story: Freakshow in the meantime and be available for the live filming in December. After all, who ever said 'no' to more Sarah Paulson in their lives?


3. Tatiana Maslany as All the Lost Boys: Just try to argue that Tatiana Maslany wouldn't be capable of not only playing every Lost Boy, but also giving them all a specific personality and accent. Sure, there are some challenges that come with this being a live musical, but we're pretty sure Tatiana could handle the challenge. And after that feat, there's no way she wouldn't get an Emmy nomination. If you're still skeptical about the logistics of this, you should see the first draft of this list where we tried to cast Tatiana Maslany as literally everyone. It was awesome.


4. Shailene Woodley as Tinkerbell: Shailene Woodley is so 'of the earth' already she practically is a magical fairy. With all those home remedies and scavenging on mountains for water she'd be the perfect companion for a bunch of young boys trying to survive on their own. Though not everyone's a fan of Shailene's increasingly unusual lifestyle, so expect her to potentially not be revived by clapping in this edition.



5. Anna Paquin as Wendy:True Blood is over, Anna, what else have you got going on? Anna Paquin has already proved she's perfect at falling for iffy men at first sight but is just as good at kicking ass and taking care of herself- qualities Wendy needs if she's going to stay interesting. Looking at it, Bill and Peter have far more in common than one might think; Peter stays the same age, constantly puts Wendy in danger, and has supernatural powers. Bill Compton himself (also sometimes known as Anna's real-life husband Stephen Moyer) even starred in last year's Sound of Music, so NBC live musicals run in the family!


6. Shay Mitchell as Tiger Lily: Okay, so she's not exactly the right ethnicity but NBC will probably feel pretty good about itself for casting ethnically ambiguous at least! Not to mention Shay would bring the teeny bopper ABC Family crowd and a hoard of rowdy Pretty Little Liars fans, so there's some major points in her favor right there. Tiger Lily's in constant peril, so that terrified deer-in-the-headlights look that Shay's mastered on PLL will definitely come in handy. A few less lesbian love affairs here, but a lot of great choreography!


5. Ellen Page as Nana/the Crocodile: There isn't a particularly great explanation for this, but we feel like it would be a really good idea. Trust us.


6. Uzo Aduba as Smee: Crazy Eyes is Crazy Pirate now. It's impossible to deny Uzo and Christopher Walken make a pretty appealing odd couple, and we know she'd master that manic pirate-sidekick physicality in a second. She's also a seasoned theater vet, so this would be just like riding a bike for her. Or should we say...a pirate ship?

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